Live Every Day...The Joyous Life of Stephen Parker by Dr. David F. Parker.

Live Every Day – The Joyous Life of Stephen Parker

Read the latest book from David F. Parker “Live Every Day – The Joyous Life of Stephen Parker” which documents and illustrates with many photos Stephen’s life and his battle with cancer in his own words. You can find out more at This book is the latest book from PTC Communications, editors and publishers.  Contact PTC Communications for your editing and publishing needs.  Go to for more information.

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Net Fiscal Impact through the Parker Associates Model.


Fiscal Impact is the summation of all local and state government revenue and cost impacts generated by a real estate development. In order to incorporate both construction and operating costs as well as revenues that flow to governments, a multi-year time period is customarily selected such as ten years. The purpose is to determine the net fiscal impact of a new real estate development on the wider community as represented by its state and local governments. The Parker Model for estimating fiscal impact begins with construction employment and purchase of materials. Employees live in housing for which they pay annual ad valorem taxes to local government, either directly for ownership […]

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