The houses of the future.

Houses of the Future

Experimentation with “houses of the future” dates back over 120 years to the Chicago World’s Fair of 1893 in which ideas on this subject were exposed to public view in “model homes.” They contained plumbing, electricity, water and sewer services from a modern city as well as pre-fabricated walls, windows and cabinetry from the Sears Roebuck catalog that would be shipped to your site (material costs of under $1,000)—reportedly a profitable business for Sears for many years. Housing neighborhoods were subjects of creative improvement in the early part of this century with concepts owing their origin to England’s Ebeneezer Howard who, in the 19th Century created the plan for “The […]

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Retirees are migrating south.

Retirees Migrating South

Changing trends among retirees moving or planning to move south are surveyed annually in the Ideal-Living retirement seminars conducted in select northern cities. They provide excellent insight into design of product offerings as well as marketing and selling techniques. President Dave Robertson revealed profile data from their 2012-14 participant surveys at the 2014 Southeast Builders Conference in July. The characteristics and opinions of over 10,000 participants were summarized who were all over age 45 (56% ages 56-65) and 79% were married . Two-thirds of the respondents were from mid-Atlantic, northeast and north central states. The key reasons for considering a move to a southern state were milder winters (40%), lower […]

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