Due Diligence is an essential part to any project.

Due Diligence

Although the term “due diligence” does not appear in the traditional Webster’s Dictionary, it is widely used in legal and real estate transactions to describe the care that a reasonable person should exercise prior to finalizing a transaction with another party. Most commercial land purchase and sales agreements include a clause defining a period of time for “due diligence” prior to the purchase becoming final. Google provides a concise definition as “An investigation or audit of a potential investment.” Such definitions leave open the all-important details of what should be required in an assiduous investigation or audit. Clearly, for the purchase of undeveloped land, such vital characteristics as the property […]

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Parker Associates can define WHO your target market is.

Are You Ready?

Economists at the Las Vegas 2015 International Builder Show expressed optimism about the year ahead in terms of national economic growth and the strengthening housing market. They cited a stronger labor market, low interest rates, improving mortgage availability and growing pent-up demand as factors that will boost new home sales and accompanying commercial growth in 2015. In its current issue, the Realtor magazine supported this optimism, although tempered with the impact of less certain health of the global economy. Neither addressed the issue of consumer needs and preferences, as well as ability to buy. Although there can be little doubt that the economic growth indicators cited above, in addition to […]

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