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Downtown Revitalization Trend

Downtown Revitalization Trend It’s happening in Jacksonville, Florida, that’s for sure.  Downtown Revitalization isn’t necessarily a new trend, but the efforts over the past ten years to rejuvenate downtown areas are beginning to show the fruits of its labor.  But, Jacksonville isn’t the only downtown where the idea to revitalize and reinvigorate living is occurring.  It’s happening all over the country and the world. This isn’t a new trend, but In Jacksonville, areas such as Springfield and Brooklyn neighborhoods have been coming along for some time and Parker Associates has been involved in discussions for plans to revitalize Arlington and LaVilla which are moving forward.  These are just a few […]

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60 Minutes - Parker Associates September 2016 Blog

60 Minutes

My favorite television program of all time is scheduled every Sunday evening, entitled 60 Minutes. Its talented journalists cover a wide range of topics, some of which uncover hidden information on illegal activities of unscrupulous executives as well as deeds of joy. Sunday, August 21, was a special treat with three astounding revelations. The opening story revealed two young brothers in their twenties — dropouts from Harvard and MIT — who developed a simplified and honest means of transferring money of different denominations by rapid and safe means without the many expensive charges applied by both American and foreign banks. Within three years, their popularity had ballooned to a certified […]

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