Designing A Place Called Home, Reordering the Suburbs (2017) by James Wentling

2017 April Blog Designing A Place Called Home, Reordering the Suburbs (2017) by James Wentling This new edition by residential architect James Wentling should be part of every architecture and urban planning school’s library.  Professional architects, builders, designers and students have much to learn from Wentling’s knowledge and experience both of historical and regional house builder and community development trends across United States. The author’s detail and illustrations of detached dwelling lot patterns, floor plans, building interiors, and building exteriors provide both the good and the bad examples of housing in various parts of this country. Specific sketches of variations on these details illustrate his critiques and recommendations for clarification. […]

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Town Centers in Suburbia

2017 March Blog Town Centers in Suburbia One of the most exciting advancements in American habitat development is the emergence of mixed use “Town Centers” in suburban locations and municipalities. They have occurred and are occurring in several large city suburbs across the country to enhance residential development areas with profitable additions to serve new as well as existing residents. The Urban Land Institute recently completed case studies on two of these types of “Town Centers” with one located in suburban Atlanta, Georgia (Avalon) and another in Raleigh, North Carolina (North Hills). Both are designed as gathering places to serve local residents with diverse facilities that complement the residential environs. […]

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