Do the Due … Diligence

Essential Due Diligence for RE Developers & Builders Acquiring real property assets and parcels requires careful analysis and due diligence to ensure a sound investment. Due Diligence is an important aspect to acquiring the highest potential opportunities. Unfortunately, many real estate developers and builders don’t spend enough time and effort on properly completing this important step.  Let Parker Associates define your opportunities. Due diligence is a legal term for actions taken by real estate developers and builders prior to land purchase to avoid liability. It generally includes market scale and growth, consumer characteristics, competitor characteristics, and development constraints (physical, legal, and political). These elements serve as a basis for revenue […]

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Jobs Per Person Up

Parker Associates is always looking at the true data.  In a recent study, we were asked to analyze the Unemployment Rate in the United States and the static wage growth (an oxymoron for sure).  After an analysis of the Historic Population as compared to the number of total Jobs Available in the United States, it became evident that there is a steady increase in the number of Jobs Available per person in the United States according to data from the US Census and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Though the number of jobs per person in the US has shown a downturn in the most recent Census data (2010), historically, […]

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Home Insurance Up for 2018

As reported by the Kiplinger’s Personal Finance News Magazine, an inconvenient truth is to expect higher rates for home insurance in 2018.  Losses in states hard hit by natural disasters are pushing up premiums. Homeowners in California, Texas, Florida, and other states hit by natural disasters in 2017 may see a modest increase in their homeowners insurance rates when their policies renew, even if their locale was unscathed.  When insurance companies file rate-increase requests with insurance regulators – which appears likely – they must do it on a statewide basis.  Meanwhile, homeowners in hard-hit areas could face much higher risk-adjusted rates when their policies come up for renewal, and some […]

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