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60 Minutes - Parker Associates September 2016 Blog

My favorite television program of all time is scheduled every Sunday evening, entitled 60 Minutes. Its talented journalists cover a wide range of topics, some of which uncover hidden information on illegal activities of unscrupulous executives as well as deeds of joy. Sunday, August 21, was a special treat with three astounding revelations.

The opening story revealed two young brothers in their twenties — dropouts from Harvard and MIT — who developed a simplified and honest means of transferring money of different denominations by rapid and safe means without the many expensive charges applied by both American and foreign banks. Within three years, their popularity had ballooned to a certified business value of $950 million and additional new firms were following their example. Two modest young men applying common sense techniques to short-cut applications causing a potential revolution in money transfers.

At about the same time, the world’s biggest manufacturer of guaranteed hospital safety gowns — Kimberley-Clark — was discovered to have liquid leaks in their products that allowed potential spread of infection in major trauma centers treating deadly infections. The flaws were discovered in the University of Florida Trauma Center in Jacksonville. This shocking revelation in treatment with millions of gowns may have caused the spread of deadly infections beyond current estimates, all in the name of profit. New government investigations have just begun based on CBS investigations.

The third shocking calamity that evening was recent investigations into the global slave trade. Reporters identified millions of young girls captured in Africa and shipped to the Western Hemisphere in chains to be forced into the sex trade for both North America and Europe. Simultaneously that night, CNN reported a factual FBI raid in Houston that closed two illicit rings of sex slaves shipped from Mexico into Texas with girls forced to commit 30 sex acts per night (every night). Their lives were ruined for life.

These astounding revelations were all reported in the United States of America where they were being supported by weak human beings paying millions of dollars to take advantage of helpless young women kidnapped from poor neighborhoods and rented to weak men addicted to committing unimaginable atrocities to enslaved girls.

We are justly proud of Americans who stand proud in honor of the brilliant young people inventing better means of making our country strong and lending our strength to help other countries grow strong. But, at the same time, we must be vigilant in our constant watchfulness to help others of weaker strength and training to rise up in proud assistance to good people across the globe; people who can devote their lives to helping the less fortunate in joining with their neighbors to strive toward a better world for everyone.

Dr. David Forster Parker
September, 2016
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