Parker Associates Predicts a strong 2017 Housing Market

2017 Housing Market Predictions

2017 Housing Market Parker Associates is always looking for the best sources of information.  Redfin is a good source of information and looks forward to next year.  Their Seven Housing Predictions for 2017: The housing market will continue to grow, but at a slower pace due to affordability pressures. The percentage of homes in America’s largest cities that are affordable on a median income has declined the past four years and will continue to fall in 2017. Even with rising affordability pressures, we predict: Median home sale prices will increase 5.3 percent year over year, similar to the estimated 5.5 percent this year. Existing homes sales are forecasted to increase […]

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Parker Associates - November, 2016 Newsletter Photo - What's Ahead in 2017

New Constraints and Opportunities in 2017

The conclusion of the 2016 nationwide election in the United States of America will hopefully return us to the American practice of goodwill toward all men and women. However, the many difficult issues raised during the election campaign will require many congressional debates during the coming year to achieve difficult decisions at all levels of government. My November blog summarizes these issues and the likely outcomes for all residents. Perhaps the three most contentious issues facing President-elect Trump and the Senators and Representatives taking office in January are three pieces of legislation proposed by the Obama administration and expected to be introduced before the end of the current year: (1) […]

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China’s Silk Road Initiative

The ULI’s 2016 Asia Pacific Summit in June revealed several sources of capital generated by a growing middle class in China as well as the emergence of Japanese institutional capital. Developers are buying land in key gateway cities to develop product to satisfy emerging demand. But, according to more than one investor, the long term trend remains for more capital to flow outside China. Audience members at the conference were polled on which countries outside of Asia that they would invest in over a ten-to15-year time horizon. North America was the preferred market (53 percent of respondents). A surprising 16 percent selected the United Kingdom and only 8 percent chose […]

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Downtown Revitalization Trend September 2016-Parker Associates Blog

Downtown Revitalization Trend

Downtown Revitalization Trend It’s happening in Jacksonville, Florida, that’s for sure.  Downtown Revitalization isn’t necessarily a new trend, but the efforts over the past ten years to rejuvenate downtown areas are beginning to show the fruits of its labor.  But, Jacksonville isn’t the only downtown where the idea to revitalize and reinvigorate living is occurring.  It’s happening all over the country and the world. This isn’t a new trend, but In Jacksonville, areas such as Springfield and Brooklyn neighborhoods have been coming along for some time and Parker Associates has been involved in discussions for plans to revitalize Arlington and LaVilla which are moving forward.  These are just a few […]

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60 Minutes - Parker Associates September 2016 Blog

60 Minutes

My favorite television program of all time is scheduled every Sunday evening, entitled 60 Minutes. Its talented journalists cover a wide range of topics, some of which uncover hidden information on illegal activities of unscrupulous executives as well as deeds of joy. Sunday, August 21, was a special treat with three astounding revelations. The opening story revealed two young brothers in their twenties — dropouts from Harvard and MIT — who developed a simplified and honest means of transferring money of different denominations by rapid and safe means without the many expensive charges applied by both American and foreign banks. Within three years, their popularity had ballooned to a certified […]

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Housing Density issues discussed in the Parker Associates August 2016 blog.

Ideal Housing Density and Other Choices

One of the most perplexing issues today for both public and private developers is the ideal density for their community. In New York City and other dense urban centers, we are witnessing higher and higher buildings as new technology permits safe construction at levels over 1,000 feet in height. Buildings even higher are under construction, even for very narrow land sites. Most new super-high buildings are adjacent to strong magnets such as Central Park for housing for the very wealthy. Whereas, in beachfront suburbs, local city councils are pressured into arbitrary height limitations such as 35 feet to exclude high buildings from “marring” the beachfront. What is ideal for your […]

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Property Investor Interaction

Property Investors Property investment is an enormous field of endeavor ranging from individual personal home buyers to developers of new mixed use and resort communities and high-rise buildings. Individuals tend to visit builder model homes and contact agents advertising resale homes in their city of employment. Larger investments are usually arranged through national agents and acquisition executives. Information on available investment properties available is promoted by property representatives through personal contacts to acquisition executives and advertising in trade magazines. Contacts are maintained by participation in annual  professional conferences including the now global Urban Land Institute (, and, in the United States, the National Association of Homebuilders (, National Association of […]

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American Voters

As those of you who read our monthly newsletter with regularity know, we frequently rely upon statistics from Cheryl Nelson of “Demographics Now” to clarify data from the United States Bureau of the Census. Although we disagree with her on the precise age definitions of “generations”, we do value her insight on Census data. Ms. Nelson expects 71 percent of citizens of the so-called Baby Boom generation to cast votes in the 2016 federal election, over one-third of overall voters. These older voters (age 50 to 70) tend to be greater participants than other age groups, particularly the younger Millennials in their 20s and 30s. They are the children of […]

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A Special Piece of Heaven

Lago Alto “A Special Piece of Heaven” Overlooking Lake Cachi and the Orosi Valley in the heart of Costa Rica. Lago Alto is a planned small community under development on an exceptional site of former family farmland overlooking beautiful Lake Cachi in Costa Rica’s Cartago Province, just forty minutes from the capital city of San Jose. After thirty-one estate lot sales to “Ticos” and foreigners, the family owner of Lago Alto has opted to sell or joint venture the property to a more experienced developer to achieve its dream of sharing the family homestead. Parker Associates is assisting the owner to create the best community retreat in the nation. The […]

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Supertall Density

According to the current issue of Urban Land magazine, the density of midtown Manhattan is in the process of being expanded by “Supertall” (over 300 meters) residential towers overlooking world-renowned Central Park. Although none of them completed and planned exceeds the 1,776 feet (541 meters) height of the “Freedom Tower” in Lower Manhattan, they will change the appearance and already high residential density of Midtown Manhattan. The 843-acre (341 hectare) Central Park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted and Calvert Vaux in 1857 and opened in 1858 with improvements added right up to the present day. Dense housing and hotels for the wealthy surrounded the Park on all sides over […]

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