Asians To Be Largest Immigrant Group

The Pew Research Center projects 441 million people in the United States by 2065, of which foreign-born residents will constitute 18 percent of the total (5% in 1965 and 14% in 2015). Asians will surge past Hispanics in 2055 to become the largest group of immigrants at 36% (47% today) compared with Hispanics at 34% (26% today)and white immigrants at 18-20% (80 percent in 1965), with black immigrants in the 8-10% range. A partial reason for the shift is the significant fertility rate decrease in Latin America, especially in Mexico. However, Hispanics will still be the largest ethnic group in 2065 at 24% of the total, 46% whites, and 14% […]

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Parker Associates - Real Estate Development Success.

Parker Associates November 2015 Newsletter

Five Principles of Success The results of forty years of advising real estate developers on marketing are summarized in the Five Principles of Success described by Dr. David Parker in his November blog. You can read about them at Read about this and other topics in Dr. David F. Parker’s Blog at the Parker Associates website at   In This Issue . . . Five Principles of Success Twenty Years of Lakewood Ranch Living Alone The Millionaire Club Asians To Be Largest Immigrant Group “Superforecasting: The Art and Science of Prediction” Tech Tidbits Living Alone The Census Bureau’s “2015 Population Survey” reports that people living alone has surpassed […]

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Market Research is needed before embarking on a project.

Build it. . . and they will come?

The real estate development industry contains many examples of outstanding buildings and entire community creations that proved financially successful because of beautiful design and/or great timing. Thus, the familiar phrase: “Build it and they will come!”—an adaptation from the script of the 1989 movie, “Field of Dreams”, about an Iowa farmer who builds a baseball field in his cornfield based on a dream in which he heard a voice promising to revive a deceased Chicago baseball star by the phrase “If you build it, he will come.” The movie produced the fantasy revival of the former baseball star and his team, followed by crowds of mythical fans to support the […]

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Florida Jobs Outlook Market Data.

Florida Jobs Outlook

Florida Jobs Outlook An April report by Wells Fargo predicts “a major rebound” in Florida employment generation, sparked by tourism and hospitality industries. In ranking states by regional competitiveness, Florida scored first in the Wells Fargo study. Contact Parker Associates at for more information or email us at

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Housing price projections moving forward from Parker Associates.

New Home Price Projections

New Home Price Projections In preparing revenue projections for budget planning, many builders rely upon past trends to forecast price increases for future years. This method turns out to be very misleading after the enormous price fluctuations of 2004-2011. A ten year trend of average price changes from 2001-2010 produces an overall average of 2.7 percent, whereas the ten years of steady growth from 1994 through 2003 provides an overall average of 4.7 percent (median of 4.4 percent) – a 74 percent differential, within a range of 3-6 percent. The 1994-2003 period following the recession of 1990-91 is a reasonable model for recovery from the 2007-09 recession despite the lingering […]

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