Dr. David Forster Parker at work in the 2000s

Dr. David Forster Parker (1934-2017)

Dr. David Forster Parker (1934-2017) David Forster Parker died on July 13th after suffering a stroke in his sleep on the 11th while visiting friends and family while vacationing in Toronto, Canada.  Wife, Marilynn, was by his side along with family and friends. He had just enjoyed his 83rd birthday on July 4th attending a big party with friends as was his standard given a birth date that coincided with one of the biggest party days for the entire country. The Parker Family will be holding two ceremonies to celebrate the life and times of Dr. David Forster Parker to honor both of the places he liked to call home: […]

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What’s In a Word? Using Effective Selling Communications.

When Charlie Clark and I designed a training program for nationwide new home site agents several years ago, we devoted an entire segment to the power of words selected for use in sales presentations. There was and continues to be significant differences in the reception of specific words by consumers listening to a new home site agent or receptionist. A popular example of widespread usage by real estate agents of all kinds is the word “unit” with reference to an apartment, condominium or detached dwelling. It has Orwellian undertones suggesting a box of bland appearance without appealing features. And yet it continues as the most popular word in our industry […]

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Realtor Limitations

A major issue for small homebuilders and individual homeowners in this country is selecting a sales professional to sell their homes. The builder or owner is seldom skilled in the practice of selling and commonly even less skilled in selecting professionals for this role. The task becomes especially difficult insofar as selling homes from a fixed location requires different skills than the more common practice of selling a broad array of offerings. The “site agent” combines selling skills with specific knowledge of available offerings and, like general sales, income commonly is based upon performance — what you sell determines what you earn. Realtors are a well-known name for a substantial […]

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Designing a City for Mars

The Hyperion Project, a proposal to build a theme park in Takasaki, Japan, based on the concept of a Martian City of the future, was created by the architectural design team of Michels Bollinger Architecture. The designers envisioned a city that would allow visitors in 10,000 years time to stroll through gardens of mutant vegetation, celebrate the births of new species created through genetic engineering, watch robots engage in sumo wrestling, chat with killer whales, and intensify their awareness of sound by stepping into a chamber that surrounds then in complete silence. The project centered on a great pavilion — a single large pavilion for the theme park rather than […]

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Designing A Place Called Home, Reordering the Suburbs (2017) by James Wentling

2017 April Blog Designing A Place Called Home, Reordering the Suburbs (2017) by James Wentling This new edition by residential architect James Wentling should be part of every architecture and urban planning school’s library.  Professional architects, builders, designers and students have much to learn from Wentling’s knowledge and experience both of historical and regional house builder and community development trends across United States. The author’s detail and illustrations of detached dwelling lot patterns, floor plans, building interiors, and building exteriors provide both the good and the bad examples of housing in various parts of this country. Specific sketches of variations on these details illustrate his critiques and recommendations for clarification. […]

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Town Centers in Suburbia

2017 March Blog Town Centers in Suburbia One of the most exciting advancements in American habitat development is the emergence of mixed use “Town Centers” in suburban locations and municipalities. They have occurred and are occurring in several large city suburbs across the country to enhance residential development areas with profitable additions to serve new as well as existing residents. The Urban Land Institute recently completed case studies on two of these types of “Town Centers” with one located in suburban Atlanta, Georgia (Avalon) and another in Raleigh, North Carolina (North Hills). Both are designed as gathering places to serve local residents with diverse facilities that complement the residential environs. […]

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Parker-Associates-Real-Estate-Marketing-Consultants-State of the Housing Market

State of the Housing Market

A featured speaker at the 2017 NAHB International Business Show was Rose Quint, with a graphic presentation of a November survey of new home consumers likely to buy within three years and a builder survey of 2017 expectations. Consumers’ biggest obstacle to purchasing a new home is finding a suitable dwelling at an affordable price and sufficient savings for the down payment. Indeed, new home prices have escalated across the country, with builders tending toward larger homes for older more affluent consumers due to the lower demand by Millennials with college debt and others unable to find suitable employment. Higher employment rates in 2016 tended to increase offerings of smaller […]

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Market Research Matters

When presenting market research data (or watching others present data), I note often that folks fail to accurately differentiate between Actual GDP Growth and Potential GDP Growth. What does it mean? Gross domestic product (GDP) has many different measurements, including real GDP and potential GDP, but those numbers are often so similar that it can be difficult to know the differences. Real GDP and potential GDP treat inflation differently, because potential GDP is based on a constant inflation while real GDP can change. Potential GDP is an estimate that is often reset each quarter by real GDP, while real GDP describes the actual financial status of a country or region. […]

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The Butterfly Roof being built by TerraWise Homes in Jacksonville, Florida.

Butterfly Revival in Modern Housing Design

The Butterfly Revival During the past year, TerraWise Homes of Jacksonville, Florida added a butterfly roof design as an option to its model home offerings.  New home shoppers Eric and Heather Stevens were enamored with the exterior appearance and the interior room sloping heights of the new model. They became purchasers and their new home is now complete (see picture) and causing excitement among both new residents and visitors to its location in the northern Jacksonville suburban community of Cedarbrook. As explained by TerraWise designer/builder, David Shacter, the butterfly roof is not unique, but has existed in this country for several decades. He and his Terrawise partner, Melody Shacter, thought […]

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Charles R. Clark

Charles R. Clark (1931-2016)

  Charlie Clark Charles R. Clark died on December 10th from progressive cancer at home with his wife Trudy by his side and his large family primed to gather round. He was 85 years old.  His extensive talents as a public speaker and group motivator proved to be an excellent model for younger speakers eager to take his place as a popular speaker at annual meetings of the National Homebuilders Association as well as regional meetings and gatherings of sales and marketing professionals at the local level.  He successfully motivated thousands of real estate sales persons across the United States, and in Great Britain where Clark Parker Associates, Inc. was […]

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