Higher Median Value of Homes

Higher Median Value of Homes

Higher Median Value of Homes The American Community Survey reports that homeowners valued their homes at a median of $181,200 in 2014, the first increase since the Great Recession; 2.5 percent higher than the post recession low of $176,721 in 2013, but 18 percent below the 2007 median of $221,845.

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Home Battery Power.

Home Battery Power

Home Battery Power Battery storage units will become standard equipment in every home to protect against blackouts. PTC Computer Solutions reports that they will be installed in a modest container in the garage or basement storing excess power to avoid peak pricing for high demand electricity.

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Supersmart Homes on the Horizon.

Supersmart Homes on Horizon

Supersmart Homes on Horizon Your Wi-Fi router will be the hub for controlling all household appliances, entertainment screens, locks, lights, robotics, indoor and outdoor security sensors, heating and cooling systems plus much more. Virtually every item in the home contains a wireless chip that connects with the smart home system, enabling control of appliances from anywhere. If you are interested in how and when this Internet of Things (IoT) will continue to grow and how you are going to be a part of it, contact PTC Computer Solutions.

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Millennials Galore.

Millennials Galore

Millennials Galore According to the Kiplinger Letter, Millennials aged 18 to 34 will constitute 40 percent of the American workforce by 2025, up from one-third in 2015. They are different from prior generations, treating work as an engaging experience rather than a daily task.

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Home Energy Here to Stay.

Home Energy Here to Stay

Home Energy Here to Stay Fusion power with unlimited energy is on the horizon, but not yet cost-effective. Power sources include natural gas (number 1), wind (number 2), followed by smaller contributors including hydro, nuclear, and solar. A Jacksonville, FL builder is leading the way with all-energy homes. The Home Energy Score is a national rating system developed by the U.S. Department of Energy. The Score reflects the energy efficiency of a home based on the home’s structure and heating, cooling, and hot water systems. If you need any water heater service specialist then allianceservicepros.com is the best option for you,  go to this website to get more details about […]

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Vertical Agriculture.

Vertical Agriculture

Vertical Agriculture Growing fruits, vegetables and grains in buildings controlled with artificial intelligence is spreading across the world. In 2015, nearly one-third of the world’s land was used to raise crops and livestock. Resultant decline in pesticides and antibiotics help the environment. Such vertical agriculture is located near large population centers, thus enabling rapid delivery to consumer markets and reduced need to transport these crops long distances. There are four critical areas in understanding how vertical farming works: 1. Physical layout, 2. Lighting, 3. Growing medium, and 4. Sustainability features. Firstly, the primary goal of vertical farming is producing more foods per square meter. To accomplish this goal, crops are […]

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New Home Sales Jump

The U.S. Commerce Department reports national new home sales in October jumped 10.7% over September with year-to-date sales up 15.7%. New home prices dipped 8.7% in October, contributing to sales gain, and existing home sales dropped 3.4% (but increased 3.9% for year).

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Seniors Housing and Care

The National Information Consortium (NIC) reports that publicly traded REITs have reduced purchasing activity for seniors housing and care facilities, as the average pricing for seniors housing moved up to $175,000 per unit in the third quarter of this year.

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Young Women at Home

Pew Research Center reports that young women (18-34) have increased the share living with parents or relatives to 36.4% in 2014, a rate not matched since 1940 when 36.2% lived at home. Young men living at home were 42.8% in 2014, compared with 47.5% in 1940. Not surprisingly, the related statistic of marriage for women rose to 27 in 2014, compared with 21.5 in 1940.

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Parker-Associates-Real-Estate-Consultants-financial literacy

Financial Literacy

Standard & Poor conducted a global 2015 financial literacy survey in which the United States scored 57% of respondents correctly answering three of four questions, ranking 14th of 144 countries surveyed. The questions were on understanding (1) interest rates, (2) compound interest, (3) inflation, and (4) risk diversification. Norway was first with 71%, Yemen last: 13%.

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