Blocking and Tackling Revisited

Essential Fundamentals To Success The great football legend, Vince Lombardi, when asked about his coaching secret to the phenomenal success of The Green Bay Packers in the 1960s, replied simply:  “blocking and tackling.” He went on to explain that any sports team could achieve brief spurts of brilliance by clever plays and outstanding individual stars, but several years of continuing success requires excellence in the essential fundamentals of the game, which he summarized as “blocking and tackling.” Vince Lombardi’s insight about football is equally relevant to marketing and selling new homes.  Great advertising strategies and individual star sales persons may generate dramatic spurts in sales, but continuing success is inevitably […]

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Jacksonville Growth Continues

Jacksonville Up 20% in 10 Years Located on the eastern coast of Florida, Jacksonville lines both banks of the St. Johns River – the longest river in Florida and also one of only two rivers in North America that flows north instead of south.  In the past 10 years, the Jacksonville metro area has grown by a whopping 20 percent. To date, there are 1.5 million people living in the metropolitan area and more continue to arrive every year.  In fact, Jacksonville’s population has been steadily increasing at a rate of 2 percent per year (compared to 1.8 percent for State of Florida), and its workforce is expanding at twice […]

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Affordable Housing in Focus

Freddie Mac to Launch New Lending Program With the continued success of the housing and development markets for mid and upper market housing, it has not gone unnoticed at Parker Associates that Affordable Housing and Entry Level Housing are both being somewhat overlooked.  It hasn’t gone unnoticed by the big lending entities, Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae.  Freddie Mac will launch a new lending program for affordable housing offering low-cost loans to owners of multifamily properties if they cap rents at levels deemed affordable to working families without the use of Federal, State, or Municipal subsidies.  The rental operators who receive the benefit must make at least 50% of the […]

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What are Millennials Buying?

The Entry Level & Affordable Options are NOT There Millennials, for the most part, are a generation of renters. Only 34.7% of Americans under the age of 35 owned their homes as of 2016, according to a Census Bureau survey. But that’s not always by choice. According to a Pew survey, 72% of renters hope to become homeowners one day. One big hurdle, especially for Millennials, is that they are unable to buy affordable homes.  Millennials are not often in a position to afford more than an Entry Level home.  Townhomes are sometimes more affordable and offer a solution that Millennials are turning to. Millennials are buying Townhomes because they […]

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NIMBY is OUT You’ve probably heard of NIMBYs, the folks who say “Not In My Back Yard” to any major public project under construction in their neighborhood.  Such opposition has led to a shortage of Affordable Housing in several US cities. Say “Hello!” to YIMBYs, a growing movement of people saying “YES In My Back Yard” to new housing projects in an effort to solve America’s housing affordability problem.  The diverse coalition consists of real estate developers, affordable housing advocates, sympathetic homeowners, and local politicians…all looking to foster development. YIMBYs are most prominent where housing is most expensive:  New York City; Portland, Oregon; Seattle, Washington, etc.  Even San Francisco’s new […]

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Voice Tech & Sales Shaping Shopper Behavior

How voice tech is shaping shopper behavior – Voice (technology) is the humanization of the digital experience Voice-assisted technology is “at the tip of the iceberg right now,” voiced at a recent NRF conference in Las Vegas.  They were there to discuss voice tech today and how it’s likely to shape the consumer behavior of tomorrow. PTC Computer Solutions has followed the Voice Assisted Technologies (VATs) closely.  There are a number of significant changes, including privacy, that are going to help move these closer to general use in both the home and the retail market. Voice technology presents great opportunities for retailers if developed authentically. When a consumer market […]

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Bricks and Mortar Is Still Relevant for Retail

Technology is helpful but Physical Storefront Still Relevant The advancements almost daily in the technologies for business use cause one to think twice about how to move forward with technology in the Retail world.  The truth is, the Brick & Mortar storefront is still a highly relevant need.  Though the lines may be blurring, it is a combination of the experience as a whole from virtual to reality that will be the best approach.  Since the line between channels are blurring, retailers need to focus on creating a seamless experience across online and offline in order to attract today’s consumers, and gain a competitive edge in the market. Over the […]

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Affordable Housing Gap Continues to Widen

HUD’s Numbers Up Dramatically Conducted every two years, The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Office of Policy Development and Research (PD&R) reports on the severity of worst case needs for affordable rental housing.  Worst case needs are defined as renters with very low incomes— no more than 50 percent of the Area Median Income (AMI)—who do not receive government housing assistance and who pay more than one-half of their income for rent, live in severely inadequate conditions, or both. Their findings are staggering.  The number of worst case needs has increased by 40.6 percent since 2007, when the recession began, and by 65.6 percent since 2001.  Additionally, 33 […]

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5 Ways to Enhance Your Home’s Value…BEFORE Selling!

You may already know the basics about prepping a home for sale to make the most profit possible—apply fresh paint…clear out clutter…let in lots of light…and, budget permitting, update antiquated bathrooms and kitchens. But other powerful strategies for prepping a home for sale often are overlooked…and new value-adding strategies have emerged in recent years, in part because of changing buyer preferences. These modifications also make the home more enjoyable for you until you do move out. Make the right changes and you might boost your home’s price by 3% to 7%—maybe more if you invest wisely in some bigger-ticket modifications. Five new and little-used strategies for prepping a home for […]

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Costa Rica Heating Up Again

Parker Associates Continues Its Involvement in Costa Rica Costa Rica is an extraordinary country, with long stretches of deserted and undeveloped beaches, dense jungles teeming with exotic wildlife, towering volcanoes, lush green valleys, and hundreds of crystal-clear lakes and rivers all counted among its long list of natural attributes.  And, with its diversity of landscapes, climates, and lifestyles, it’s no wonder that it continues to attract eco-tourists, new residents (from all over the world) and unique new home community developments alike. Situated in the central mountain region’s Orosi Valley (arguably the most charming and scenic part of the entire country), is Lago Alto: a 175-acre residential community nestled among the […]

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