Town Centers in Suburbia

2017 March Blog Town Centers in Suburbia One of the most exciting advancements in American habitat development is the emergence of mixed use “Town Centers” in suburban locations and municipalities. They have occurred and are occurring in several large city suburbs across the country to enhance residential development areas with profitable additions to serve new as well as existing residents. The Urban Land Institute recently completed case studies on two of these types of “Town Centers” with one located in suburban Atlanta, Georgia (Avalon) and another in Raleigh, North Carolina (North Hills). Both are designed as gathering places to serve local residents with diverse facilities that complement the residential environs. […]

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Parker-Associates-Real-Estate-Marketing-Consultants-State of the Housing Market

State of the Housing Market

A featured speaker at the 2017 NAHB International Business Show was Rose Quint, with a graphic presentation of a November survey of new home consumers likely to buy within three years and a builder survey of 2017 expectations. Consumers’ biggest obstacle to purchasing a new home is finding a suitable dwelling at an affordable price and sufficient savings for the down payment. Indeed, new home prices have escalated across the country, with builders tending toward larger homes for older more affluent consumers due to the lower demand by Millennials with college debt and others unable to find suitable employment. Higher employment rates in 2016 tended to increase offerings of smaller […]

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Market Research Matters

When presenting market research data (or watching others present data), I note often that folks fail to accurately differentiate between Actual GDP Growth and Potential GDP Growth. What does it mean? Gross domestic product (GDP) has many different measurements, including real GDP and potential GDP, but those numbers are often so similar that it can be difficult to know the differences. Real GDP and potential GDP treat inflation differently, because potential GDP is based on a constant inflation while real GDP can change. Potential GDP is an estimate that is often reset each quarter by real GDP, while real GDP describes the actual financial status of a country or region. […]

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The Butterfly Roof being built by TerraWise Homes in Jacksonville, Florida.

Butterfly Revival in Modern Housing Design

The Butterfly Revival During the past year, TerraWise Homes of Jacksonville, Florida added a butterfly roof design as an option to its model home offerings.  New home shoppers Eric and Heather Stevens were enamored with the exterior appearance and the interior room sloping heights of the new model. They became purchasers and their new home is now complete (see picture) and causing excitement among both new residents and visitors to its location in the northern Jacksonville suburban community of Cedarbrook. As explained by TerraWise designer/builder, David Shacter, the butterfly roof is not unique, but has existed in this country for several decades. He and his Terrawise partner, Melody Shacter, thought […]

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Charles R. Clark

Charles R. Clark (1931-2016)

  Charlie Clark Charles R. Clark died on December 10th from progressive cancer at home with his wife Trudy by his side and his large family primed to gather round. He was 85 years old.  His extensive talents as a public speaker and group motivator proved to be an excellent model for younger speakers eager to take his place as a popular speaker at annual meetings of the National Homebuilders Association as well as regional meetings and gatherings of sales and marketing professionals at the local level.  He successfully motivated thousands of real estate sales persons across the United States, and in Great Britain where Clark Parker Associates, Inc. was […]

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Parker Associates Predicts a strong 2017 Housing Market

2017 Housing Market Predictions

2017 Housing Market Parker Associates is always looking for the best sources of information.  Redfin is a good source of information and looks forward to next year.  Their Seven Housing Predictions for 2017: The housing market will continue to grow, but at a slower pace due to affordability pressures. The percentage of homes in America’s largest cities that are affordable on a median income has declined the past four years and will continue to fall in 2017. Even with rising affordability pressures, we predict: Median home sale prices will increase 5.3 percent year over year, similar to the estimated 5.5 percent this year. Existing homes sales are forecasted to increase […]

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Parker Associates - November, 2016 Newsletter Photo - What's Ahead in 2017

New Constraints and Opportunities in 2017

The conclusion of the 2016 nationwide election in the United States of America will hopefully return us to the American practice of goodwill toward all men and women. However, the many difficult issues raised during the election campaign will require many congressional debates during the coming year to achieve difficult decisions at all levels of government. My November blog summarizes these issues and the likely outcomes for all residents. Perhaps the three most contentious issues facing President-elect Trump and the Senators and Representatives taking office in January are three pieces of legislation proposed by the Obama administration and expected to be introduced before the end of the current year: (1) […]

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China’s Silk Road Initiative

The ULI’s 2016 Asia Pacific Summit in June revealed several sources of capital generated by a growing middle class in China as well as the emergence of Japanese institutional capital. Developers are buying land in key gateway cities to develop product to satisfy emerging demand. But, according to more than one investor, the long term trend remains for more capital to flow outside China. Audience members at the conference were polled on which countries outside of Asia that they would invest in over a ten-to15-year time horizon. North America was the preferred market (53 percent of respondents). A surprising 16 percent selected the United Kingdom and only 8 percent chose […]

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Downtown Revitalization Trend September 2016-Parker Associates Blog

Downtown Revitalization Trend

Downtown Revitalization Trend It’s happening in Jacksonville, Florida, that’s for sure.  Downtown Revitalization isn’t necessarily a new trend, but the efforts over the past ten years to rejuvenate downtown areas are beginning to show the fruits of its labor.  But, Jacksonville isn’t the only downtown where the idea to revitalize and reinvigorate living is occurring.  It’s happening all over the country and the world. This isn’t a new trend, but In Jacksonville, areas such as Springfield and Brooklyn neighborhoods have been coming along for some time and Parker Associates has been involved in discussions for plans to revitalize Arlington and LaVilla which are moving forward.  These are just a few […]

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60 Minutes - Parker Associates September 2016 Blog

60 Minutes

My favorite television program of all time is scheduled every Sunday evening, entitled 60 Minutes. Its talented journalists cover a wide range of topics, some of which uncover hidden information on illegal activities of unscrupulous executives as well as deeds of joy. Sunday, August 21, was a special treat with three astounding revelations. The opening story revealed two young brothers in their twenties — dropouts from Harvard and MIT — who developed a simplified and honest means of transferring money of different denominations by rapid and safe means without the many expensive charges applied by both American and foreign banks. Within three years, their popularity had ballooned to a certified […]

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