Do the Due … Diligence

Essential Due Diligence for RE Developers & Builders Acquiring real property assets and parcels requires careful analysis and due diligence to ensure a sound investment. Due Diligence is an important aspect to acquiring the highest potential opportunities. Unfortunately, many real estate developers and builders don’t spend enough time and effort on properly completing this important step.  Let Parker Associates define your opportunities. Due diligence is a legal term for actions taken by real estate developers and builders prior to land purchase to avoid liability. It generally includes market scale and growth, consumer characteristics, competitor characteristics, and development constraints (physical, legal, and political). These elements serve as a basis for revenue […]

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Jobs Per Person Up

Parker Associates is always looking at the true data.  In a recent study, we were asked to analyze the Unemployment Rate in the United States and the static wage growth (an oxymoron for sure).  After an analysis of the Historic Population as compared to the number of total Jobs Available in the United States, it became evident that there is a steady increase in the number of Jobs Available per person in the United States according to data from the US Census and the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Though the number of jobs per person in the US has shown a downturn in the most recent Census data (2010), historically, […]

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Home Insurance Up for 2018

As reported by the Kiplinger’s Personal Finance News Magazine, an inconvenient truth is to expect higher rates for home insurance in 2018.  Losses in states hard hit by natural disasters are pushing up premiums. Homeowners in California, Texas, Florida, and other states hit by natural disasters in 2017 may see a modest increase in their homeowners insurance rates when their policies renew, even if their locale was unscathed.  When insurance companies file rate-increase requests with insurance regulators – which appears likely – they must do it on a statewide basis.  Meanwhile, homeowners in hard-hit areas could face much higher risk-adjusted rates when their policies come up for renewal, and some […]

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Parker Associates & PTC Computer Solutions at IBS 2018

Parker Associates & PTC Computer Solutions will be at IBS 2018 in Orlando Parker Associates and PTC Computer Solutions will be in attendance at the International Builders Show in Orlando January 9-11, 2018.  We will be conducting meetings with key business executives discussing building projects, developments, and business technologies and how 2018 will progress through the year.  If you or your business is interested in how to improve upon your projects, business tech, or marketing in 2018, contact us to set up a personal meeting one-on-one.  We’re happy to discuss your personal situation and offer some ideas on how you can better handle 2018.

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Blocking & Tackling: Essential Fundamentals for Sales Success

The great football legend, Vince Lombardi, when asked about his coaching secret to the phenomenal success of The Green Bay Packers in the 1960s, replied simply:  “blocking and tackling.” He went on to explain that any sports team could achieve brief spurts of brilliance by clever plays and outstanding individual stars, but several years of continuing success requires excellence in the essential fundamentals of the game, which he summarized as “blocking and tackling.” Vince Lombardi’s insight about football is equally relevant to marketing and selling new homes.  Great advertising strategies and individual star sales persons may generate dramatic spurts in sales, but continuing success is inevitably accompanied by strong reliance […]

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Real Estate Trends for 2018

New Trends Emerging for 2018 As the real estate market continues to evolve, new trends are emerging for 2018 according to Forbes. Buyers will be more in control as the housing supply will finally catch up with buyer demand, according to a report by Additionally, more millennials will be looking to get out of their parents’ basement and purchase a home of their own. Real estate agents have the challenging task of changing with the market and being responsive to their clients’ needs. Whether it is a buyer looking to purchase a new house or a seller looking to get the best price for their home sale, real estate […]

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Attracting Millennials

By 2020, Millennials will comprise 50 percent of the US Workforce. Typically, they are confident, educated, talented, motivated, competitive (on the upside), but tend to lack skills that previous generations take for granted. As part of our market research at Parker Associates, we have been asked to focus more and more on the Millennials. They are a tricky group to figure out, but we have uncovered a great deal of interesting information. Chances are you have hired at least one Millennial in your business in recent years, and there will be more of them in the future. In a recent Sales & Marketing article from Rieva Lesonsky, she states that […]

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Multifamily Sales Dipping

Multifamily Sales Dipping through 2017 Parker Associates has been involved in some market studies lately including researching the latest trends in multifamily sales. The US Multi-Family industry experienced strong investment sales totals in 2015 and 2016, combining for more than $310 billion.  But 2017 hasn’t been as lucrative.  Though the year isn’t over, the sales thus far in 2017 have lagged well below that for 2016 at this time.  So far in 2017, there appears to be a slow-down in the investment market as sales totaled roughly $63.6 billion through the end of June, a 13 percent drop from the first half of 2016 when sales totaled more than $72 […]

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Millennials & Retirees Have a Lot in Common

In the July 2017 issue of the Kiplinger Letter, they presented a list of the “Best Places to Retire” noting retirees and millennials have a lot in common. Key features of the most desirable environments in common are affordable homes, a selection of good restaurants, a vibrant arts scene, outdoor recreation, and good health care. The top features of the list are characterized by a “laid-back lifestyle, but only a short hop to big-city attractions.” Nearly all of the top markets identified are under 500,000 population (some under 50,000 and one under 10,000 residents) within an hour (or two) proximities to major metropolitan areas.  The list is as follows: Galveston […]

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Dr. David Forster Parker at work in the 2000s

Dr. David Forster Parker (1934-2017)

Dr. David Forster Parker (1934-2017) David Forster Parker died on July 13th after suffering a stroke in his sleep on the 11th while visiting friends and family while vacationing in Toronto, Canada.  Wife, Marilynn, was by his side along with family and friends. He had just enjoyed his 83rd birthday on July 4th attending a big party with friends as was his standard given a birth date that coincided with one of the biggest party days for the entire country. The Parker Family will be holding two ceremonies to celebrate the life and times of Dr. David Forster Parker to honor both of the places he liked to call home: […]

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