How to Motivate Yourself

Doing Things You Don’t Want to Do No matter how generally motivated you are, all of us have some tasks that we don’t want to do. Maybe we find them boring, pointless, draining, time consuming, annoying, or anxiety producing. So how do you get moving in these types of situations? The first step is to recognize that getting motivated doesn’t mean that you have to experience a particular feeling, like excitement or anticipation. Instead, motivation is simply one or more reasons you have for acting in a certain way. You can decide to do something without ever getting excited about it by finding a personally meaningful why. For example, you […]

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Improve Sales Through 3D Printing

Leveraging 3D Printing to Sell New Homes With the continued advancements in 3D Printing, it’s become something to consider when developing a marketing plan to boost your sales.  Traditional media formats are still useful, but consider the new potential in 3D Printing. Costs of 3D Printing continue to decline as well making it an affordable way to display your products and give a vision to your prospects.  Our team at PTC Computer Solutions has looked at various printers and has some ideas for you. Just as a paper printer can recreate a document based on electronic files, a 3D printer can create a to-scale model of a planned property based […]

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2019 Tech & Telecom

Things to Watch For It’s going to be an interesting year, no matter what happens. But, there are some things that our team at PTC Computer Solutions along with the Kiplinger group definitely feel are going to be prominent to watch for in 2019. Take a look at what we think. Telecom for Businesses Businesses will soon have a shot at choosing their own toll-free number…for the right price, of course. For the first time ever, the Federal Communications Committee (FCC) will auction toll-free numbers…17,000 of them starting with 833. Previously, digits were given on a first-come, first-served basis, so landing specific ones was difficult. Some numbers will go for […]

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Website Mistakes

When Hosting Websites, Avoid These Pitfalls With client services, it can often seem like you’re riding an income roller coaster that you can’t escape. Some months you’re flush with cash and in others, you’re barely scraping by. It’s a tough and very stressful place to be, which is why so many designers and developers are on a quest to end the feast or famine cycle by adding recurring revenue to their businesses in the form of monthly website support and maintenance. Website maintenance plans are great for business, but … Adding website support and maintenance services to your business generates recurring revenue, improves cash flow, provides breathing room, maximizes client […]

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Expected Best Bets for 2019

Yes, It’s that Time of Year Again At Parker Associates, we thought we’d start our prognosticating early. After all, it’s what we do. So, we’ll get started looking at 2019 right now. Where should developers and investors focus their attention? In a recent PWC survey and interviews, the best bets suggested by the results can be made in the following areas. Warehousing and fulfillment Warehousing and fulfillment represent the top development prospects among survey respondents. With increased need for last-mile delivery and e-commerce facilities, logistics and fulfillment continue to be a major opportunity for creating value. As tenants look for increasingly larger spaces, vacancy rates are tightening and rents are […]

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Holiday Promotion Ideas

7 Successful Tactics You Can Use The Holidays provide a girth of opportunities for garnering attention from prospective buyers.  Some of the biggest shopping days of the year occur in the next few months. It’s the biggest time of the year for retailers of all shapes and sizes. Holiday shoppers plan to spend an average of $805 on holiday merchandise and almost half of holiday shopping will be done online according to the National Retail Federation. Shopping of all kinds from small to large ticket items begin online and attracting prospects should be your primary objectives right now. If you’d like to capitalize on the holiday shopping frenzy, then you […]

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Economic Changes Coming

The Global Economy is Slowing After hitting its stride earlier this year, the global economy is about to lose a step. Not long ago, most of the world’s largest economies were expanding briskly in unison. But, the good times are giving way to heightened risks and slower growth. It won’t be a major downturn, though, as it’s not anticipated to be a recession or anything dire. In fact, total global GDP will still expand by a healthy 3.6% in 2019 which is off a bit from 3.7% this year, but a solid overall performance. Though economies globally will still grow, the peak of the global boom has passed. Future expansion […]

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Selling through the Fraud

Keep an eye out for Advertiser’s Fraud Watch out for fraudulent internet advertisers.  Up to nine percent (9%) of all ad spending is wasted. Firms are losing big bucks to sham publishers, ad networks and exchanges. Programmatic systems engaged in automated ad buying and selling are the most prone to fraud. Some tactics utilized to generate fraudulent ads include some of the following: Domain spoofing is the act of generating false reports about where ads are displayed in order to garner false traffic. Ad stacking creates layering “hot spots” but makes it so only the top one visible thus generating traffic for all of the ads in the hot spot. […]

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Advertising Tipping Point

Digital will soon be the leading medium Advertising has reached a tipping point according to the Kiplinger Letter with the digital media soon taking over as the leading form of advertising.  It currently grabs over 40% of spending and is growing rapidly, poised to overtake traditional media – TV, print, and other forms of traditional advertising formats.  How can businesses spend ad dollars wisely? Here are some key trends and timely tips. Google and Facebook dominate digital, accounting for 58% of online ad spending.  Google’s share is 37%.  Facebook accounts for 21%. Amazon is in a distant third place with 4% of all ad dollars online, but it’s making a […]

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