Millennials Believing in the American Dream

A recent 2018 Bank of the West study dealing with the buying habits of millennials indicates the equity-shy demographic is now turning to real estate as the cornerstone of their investment portfolio. Homeownership is emerging as the most popular ingredient of their American Dream (56%), followed by debt pay-off, and the goal of a comfortable, early retirement (49%) as the second and third most critical components. The study shows how millennials’ desire to own a home is pushing some to risk their other goals by taking on mortgages, with one in four say that they are willing to withdraw or borrow against retirement funds to finance down payments for a […]

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Top Reasons Why Projects Fail

Parker Associates works closely with builders and developers from all over the country as well as the world.  Though we like to be involved from the start of a project, it’s often times that we are asked to come in and figure out what went wrong.  This is something we do quite often and amounts to a bit of forensic understanding.  Researching the past and combining it with the current market data shows a clear picture in most cases. As noted by TempusResource, there are some alarming statistics regarding the number of projects that fail. Not only that, but the rate at which they are falling short has increased over […]

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Why SWOT Yourself?

Do a SWOT Analysis on Yourself …and Why You Need One Many businesses we interact with come to us because they don’t feel they are performing well within their business.  It’s often surprising to find that they haven’t performed some of the basic business aspects, including a SWOT analysis.  One of the most basic lessons you learn when involved in business school is the SWOT analysis – strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. And it’s a great framework to apply to your business to understand what you do well, what you can improve on, and where the greatest threats to your company lie. But, it goes beyond that, we should also […]

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Converting Online Shoppers

4 Steps to Converting the Online Window Shopper. Recent data have shown that the average ecommerce conversion rates range from 2 to 5%.Yet, many retailers are reluctant to automate browse recovery emails because they have these questions: How will consumers respond to emails generated from an online shopping session? Will they view the emails as intrusive? Will that increase my unsubscribe rates? Will automated browse recovery emails really get shoppers to come back and buy from my website? According to Monetate’s Q4 2016 Ecommerce Quarterly Report, more than 95% of visitors leave your website without making a purchase. If you haven’t started using a browse recovery strategy, or if you […]

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Search Engine Marketing Mistakes

That Keep You from the Results You Want It’s no secret that Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is an effective digital marketing tool that should be included in every business’s marketing strategy, but are you seeing the kind of results you want? SEM is only effective if it is done right. This requires a full understanding of the tool, in addition to daily upkeep—both of which require time that you as a business owner are already short on. Here, our friends at ThriveHive have highlighted four common SEM mistakes that are hurting your campaigns and keeping you from seeing better results. Whether you’re just starting to explore search engine marketing, or […]

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Young Adults Are Buying Homes

Homeownership Among Millennials Expected to Rise According to a recent Bloomberg report, homeownership amongst the younger adults is expected to rise over the coming decade.  The “American Dream” could be on the verge of a rebound for some. The home ownership rate for young Americans will probably increase over the next decade to close to 60 percent from below 40 percent in 2016 as their incomes increase and they start families, according to Freddie Mac estimates. The data track two cohorts: Americans who were between the ages of 25-34 in 2016 and those who will be in that age group in 2025. Freddie Mac determined: The home ownership rate of […]

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The UrbanPlan Initiative

Parker Associates and PTC Computer Solutions have been teamed up for years volunteering to help with ULI and their UrbanPlan initiative in Northeast Florida. It’s a great program to help the next generation of developers think outside the box. As the ULI puts it, UrbanPlan is a project-based learning curriculum unit for high schools and universities. Bringing together disciplines such as economics, city government, real estate and urban planning, UrbanPlan engages students to consider the myriad of complex decisions that shape our built environment. Learn more about the UrbanPlan and how you can get involved at their website. It’s really cool. UrbanPlan is an academically challenging classroom-based curriculum that gives […]

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Parker Associates Blog June 2018 Oakmont Gainesville Pathways and Pool Area

Top Community Amenities for New Neighborhoods

Top Community Amenities in New-Home Neighborhoods New home neighborhoods need to be aware of their homebuyer’s needs. The new homebuyer is not just searching for a new home.  As they begin the search for a new home, they’ll also be searching for the right neighborhood. Here are some of the top community amenities homebuyers are looking for and those that homebuilders are offering their buyers to help find the right home – and the right neighborhood. One important thing to keep in mind when looking for a new home is adding value to the home through the quality of the neighborhood and its amenities.  That’s exactly what homebuilders aim to […]

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Top Reasons to Buy New

Top Reasons To Buy New Parker Associates works closely with builders and developers from all over the country as well as the world.  In a recent article by one of the builders we’ve worked with, they suggested some top advice for why buying a new home over a resale makes sense.  They’ve noticed that model center traffic has increased over the past few months and interest in purchasing a new home continues to rise. Buying a new home is an important step in life.  Make sure to make the right choice.  There are some good arguments for buying a new home as seen in this article at RIS Media.  New […]

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How to build a Facebook Ads Funnel

How to Build a Facebook Ads Funnel Want to scale your most successful email marketing funnels? Wondering how a Facebook ads funnel can help? By Modeling Email Sequences, that’s how. #1: Outline Your Ad Sequence Funnel Most sales funnels include an email follow-up sequence, which is a series of pre-written emails that are automatically delivered on certain days in the funnel. Each sales funnel is different and can include a sequence of a few emails to many emails. To create a dynamic ad sequence, you replace the emails with Facebook or Instagram ads for each topic. After people opt to receive the lead magnet, they automatically start seeing a nurture […]

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