Living Alone

The Census Bureau’s “2015 Population Survey” reports that people living alone has surpassed married couples without children at home as the country’s most common household type: 28% live alone, 27.6% are married without children at home, 20.5% with children at home, 12.5% female-head families, 6.4% unrelated living together, 4.9% male-head families.

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Asians To Be Largest Immigrant Group

The Pew Research Center projects 441 million people in the United States by 2065, of which foreign-born residents will constitute 18 percent of the total (5% in 1965 and 14% in 2015). Asians will surge past Hispanics in 2055 to become the largest group of immigrants at 36% (47% today) compared with Hispanics at 34% (26% today)and white immigrants at 18-20% (80 percent in 1965), with black immigrants in the 8-10% range. A partial reason for the shift is the significant fertility rate decrease in Latin America, especially in Mexico. However, Hispanics will still be the largest ethnic group in 2065 at 24% of the total, 46% whites, and 14% […]

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NORC - Naturally Occuring Retirment Communities

NORC! NORC! Who’s There?

NORC! NORC! Who’s There? We read a great deal about the growth of retirement communities across the United States and even those for Americans living abroad. These facilities, of course, are designed for, and being populated by, the large segment of our population with sufficient resources to afford such comfort in their declining years. But, what about the even-larger segment who do not have access to such resources? The Wall Street Journal published an excellent article this week on Naturally Occurring Residential Communities, or NORC, in New York City and over 45 communities in 26 other states. Additional cities of all sizes could learn a great deal from these now-federally-supported […]

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Communication is key to sales and marketing.

The English Language

There appears to be an increasing movement in the United States to force all residents to speak the English language. And yet, for a great many newcomers from other cultures, our language is full of contradictions and pronunciations that are difficult to understand, let alone master in everyday speech. They often find it embarrassing to seek help in their mother tongue from a friend in order to express themselves satisfactorily. For example, listen to two newscasters speak about “data”—one pronounces it with a hard “a” and the other uses a soft “a”—yet they exchange the two quite different-sounding words with each other as though they are the same; and, indeed, […]

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Market Research is needed before embarking on a project.

Build it. . . and they will come?

The real estate development industry contains many examples of outstanding buildings and entire community creations that proved financially successful because of beautiful design and/or great timing. Thus, the familiar phrase: “Build it and they will come!”—an adaptation from the script of the 1989 movie, “Field of Dreams”, about an Iowa farmer who builds a baseball field in his cornfield based on a dream in which he heard a voice promising to revive a deceased Chicago baseball star by the phrase “If you build it, he will come.” The movie produced the fantasy revival of the former baseball star and his team, followed by crowds of mythical fans to support the […]

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Parker Associates was integral in the development of Lakewood Ranch for over 20 years.

The Lake Club

The Lake Club by Dr. David F. Parker The Lake Club in Lakewood Ranch (LWR), the planned community that opened in 1995 adjacent to the Florida cities of Sarasota and Bradenton, has become arguably the most prestigious address in the encompassing two-county metropolitan area. But it wasn’t always thus. About twelve years ago, the then-president of the 31,000 acre Schroeder-Manatee Ranch (SMR), C. John Clarke, was concerned about the number of homes and the number of golf courses being developed in the rapidly growing Lakewood Ranch planned community being developed on SMR ranchland – two golf courses completed, three more planned, and an additional 18-hole private course on the Ranch’s […]

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Parker Associates has been involved in a number of Central American and Caribbean Basin developments.

New Opportunities

October 2013 Blog New Opportunities The 2008-09 Great Recession had a devastating impact on Latin American resort properties as well as on the United States’ homebuilding industry. As economic recovery slowly adds to the confidence level of American consumers, a great many new and workout development opportunities are emerging in Central America and the Caribbean Basin. Tourism is increasing and is likely to escalate in concert with growing employment and personal incomes in the United States. Parker Associates has a long history of guiding profitable real estate development in Latin America, including Costa Rica, Colombia, Mexico, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, Aruba, Curacao, and The Bahamas. Current revival […]

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Larger homes for the affluent new world.

New Homes For Who?

New Homes For Who? The National Association of Home Builders’ annual survey of new home prospective purchasers is based on the opinions of 3,682 prospective homeowners in the summer of 2012. It is presented as a reputable sample of potential American homebuyers. But is it? The NAHB survey reports that new home consumers are requesting larger homes with four or more bedrooms and builders across the nation appear to be responding with their latest versions of family homes.  A two-story dwelling with functional open space planning on the ground floor, and served by energy conservation features are preferences that rank ahead of neighborhood location in this survey (the historic key […]

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Giving is one of the great feelings. Give housing.

On Giving . . .

On Giving . . . Again this year, Marilynn and I watched the two-hour “CNN Heroes” television program that honors individuals from around the world, who give their personal energy and limited resources to helping others in need.  Topics range from a grey-haired women in Nepal who devotes her energies to rescuing children from prison terms served with a convicted parent, and then taking care of them in her own home (2012 Top 10 Hero of the year), to a former addict in Butte, Montana who operates a rescue mission for homeless drug addicts. The activities of each of these compassionate “heroes” is presented in a brief giant-screen pictorial before […]

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Location, location, location.

Location, Location, Loca . . .

November 2012 Blog Location, Location, Loca . . . The major theme of the seventy-fifth anniversary meeting of the Urban Land Institute in Denver, October 2012, was based on the contents and format of the 2011 ULI book: What’s Next? Real Estate in the New Economy. This book describes how worldwide urbanization is changing the guiding principles of real estate development and instant communication is shaping new paradigms for investment in both infrastructure and property. The age-old axiom of location being the driver of property value is now under the influence of rapid improvements in communication that reduce the need for face-to-face dialogue and consequently the importance of physical proximity. […]

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