Urban Sprawl consultants, Parker Associates.

A Perspective On Urban Development Sprawl

Over the past few years, many writers have confused urban development sprawl with population density – the lower the density, the greater the sprawl. Others have simply used sprawl to describe any type of urban development they personally find distasteful. The word has become a cliché for a wide variety of urban conditions without specific definition. Webster’s Dictionary describes sprawl as “to spread or develop irregularly” — a definition that applies to a great many urban areas at any density. The linear blight caused by major city streets suffering from unregulated peripheral development, both old and new, is likely to be accepted by most observers as fitting the negative image […]

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Parker Associates has worked with many retirement communities to revitalize their aging construction, concepts, marketing, and sales.

Home Sweet Home

Revitalization for Aging Retirement Communities Improvements in health care and personal hygiene continue to extend the active lives of growing numbers of Americans.  However, in many cases, no parallel attention has been addressed to the dwellings and communities that constitute their primary living environments.  Recently, Parker Associates has been requested to examine the environments of several mature retirement communities with the objective of revitalizing them for attraction to replacement retirees.  Some key findings and conclusions are summarized in this blog. Background Despite the continuing impact of the Great Recession, exacerbated by negative effects of the European banking crisis, home sales are slowly expanding throughout the United States.  Households of all […]

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The Future Outlook according to Parker Associates.

2012 Outlook

Most national economists are approaching 2012 with caution.  The intransigent Congress and continuing European financial difficulties do not bode well for a surge in economic growth and a reduction in unemployment.  Projections remain at a modest 2 percent growth as in 2011.   On the positive side, new employment growth has been positive over the past four months, and new capital investment is occurring in several sectors. Florida ranked third in the United States for job growth in 2011 with a rate higher than nationwide for the first time in over three years.  With the third highest population growth rate in the nation, Florida now has over 19 million residents, fourth […]

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The Baby Boomers are coming and Parker Associates is ready to consult on the generation they have studied for over 30 years.

Boomer Boom

Florida’s senior population is projected to rise by 90 percent over the next 20 years.  By 2030, residents over age 55 will constitute 26 percent of the state’s population.  This increase, in concert with the nationwide surge of this age group, opens up increasing opportunities for new active adult communities  . . . and, as outlined below, creative potential for revitalizing large numbers of aging retirement communities in Florida as well as other Sunbelt states.

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Revitalizing Aging Retirement Communities is the expertise of Parker Associates.

Revitalizing Aging Retirement Communities

Parker Associates has been examining a number of mature retirement communities across the Sunbelt that were developed during the 1970s and 1980s, but never fully completed.  Most are owned by property owner associations that would like to increase their marketing potential for resales as well as add revenue from additional residents. For a more complete description of these potential development opportunities, please refer to our blog at http://parkerassociates.com/blog/index.php.

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Lakewood Ranch is successful after over 20 years of consulting from Parker Associates.

Big Year at Lakewood Ranch

Lakewood Ranch surged to 391 new home sales at an average price of $397,149 in 2011, more than double the encompassing Sarasota/Manatee average new home sales price of $150,097. At the same time, a total of 307 resales were reported in Lakewood Ranch.  The long-awaited Lost Creek Resort rental community also opened during a busy 2011, as well as a variety of new commercial/institutional establishments. According to the Moreira Team “Top 10 Turnaround Report,” based on Third Quarter 2011 data, the following six Florida markets are included as exhibiting the best positive year-over-year housing median price appreciation, inventory reductions and inventory age while also experiencing lower unemployment rates: Miami, Orlando, […]

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Parker Associates was the primary land development consultant to Hacienda Pinilla in Costa Rica.

New Health Center at Hacienda Pinilla

Parker Associates is excited to observe the opening of the new Health Center at Hacienda Pinilla, the 4.500 acre resort community on the Pacific Ocean in Costa Rica, positioned by Parker Associates a decade ago. The Health Center was a dream of HP founder “Pat” Patillo of Atlanta when he began developing his family vacation ranch in the 1990s. In addition to maintaining a doctor in residence (Dr. Rojas) to attend to the medical needs of residents, guests and employees 24/7, the Center held its first annual Health Fair this year to serve the surrounding community with public health services (provided in conjunction with the Costa Rica Public Health System […]

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Parker Associates has over 30 years of expertise in the Florida Housing Market.

Best Florida Housing Markets

According to Realtor.com’s “Top 10 Turnaround Report,” based on Third Quarter 2011 data, the following six Florida markets are included as exhibiting the best positive year-over-year housing median price appreciation, inventory reductions and inventory age while also experiencing lower unemployment rates: Miami, Orlando, Fort Myers-Cape Coral, Fort Lauderdale, Sarasota-Bradenton, and Lakeland-Winter Haven. Most of these same markets were featured just three years ago as having the worst impacts in the nation from the Great Recession.  This report also notes that the number of foreign buyers purchasing homes in these markets increased from 10 percent in 2007 to 31 percent in 2011.

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Mobile Phone Internet Usage

There was this year a neat infographic highlighting statistics on how people are using mobile phones in 2011.  The infographic shows that over 1 billion of the worlds 4+ billion mobiles phones are now smartphones, and 3 billion are SMS enabled. In 2014, mobile internet usage will overtake desktop internet usage and already in 2011, more than 50% of all “local” searches are done from a mobile device. That means more and more people are definitely using their phones to communicate, do some quick searchers and even play online casino games that can be found on sites like 메리트카지노. It is all part of a media blitz.  People are multitasking […]

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Parker Associates has expertise in the Canadian Real Estate Development Market and Trends.

Oh Canada!

Marilynn and I frequently travel back to our homeland of Canada to visit friends and relatives. But, the impact of the recession restrained our travel habits, and our trip to eastern Ontario this month was our first experience in Canada since 2006.  We were amazed at the changes. Although our 12-day motor trip to and from the Buffalo airport only included the small portion of Canada encompassing the vast area of metropolitan Toronto, this is the sector of the country exhibiting the strongest impact from the growing economy.  Yes, while the United States became mired in economic distress, our neighbor to the north has maintained a steadily increasing economic growth […]

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