Voice Tech & Sales Shaping Shopper Behavior

How voice tech is shaping shopper behavior – Voice (technology) is the humanization of the digital experience Voice-assisted technology is “at the tip of the iceberg right now,” voiced at a recent NRF conference in Las Vegas.  They were there to discuss voice tech today and how it’s likely to shape the consumer behavior of tomorrow. PTC Computer Solutions has followed the Voice Assisted Technologies (VATs) closely.  There are a number of significant changes, including privacy, that are going to help move these closer to general use in both the home and the retail market. Voice technology presents great opportunities for retailers if developed authentically. When a consumer market […]

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Bricks and Mortar Is Still Relevant for Retail

Technology is helpful but Physical Storefront Still Relevant The advancements almost daily in the technologies for business use cause one to think twice about how to move forward with technology in the Retail world.  The truth is, the Brick & Mortar storefront is still a highly relevant need.  Though the lines may be blurring, it is a combination of the experience as a whole from virtual to reality that will be the best approach.  Since the line between channels are blurring, retailers need to focus on creating a seamless experience across online and offline in order to attract today’s consumers, and gain a competitive edge in the market. Over the […]

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The Rental Market Tech Evolution

Start Ups are Changing the Rental Market Technology start-ups are changing the rental market.  Firms such as Zumper and Cozy are giving tenants new ways to apartment-hunt.  A listing service, Zumper lets users apply for a unit instantly.  Tenants can use Cozy to pay rent, complain, log maintenance requests and share documents with landlords. Zillow, with its new tools, is shaking things up with its rental market entry.  Users can apply for multiple units at once, get credit reports and pay rent online.  Some 175 million people visited Zillow’s sites, such as Trulia and Hotpads, in early 2018. Parker Associates and PTC Computer Solutions are experts in helping with Financial […]

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Understanding Your Buyer’s Tendencies

Understand Your Buyer Persona To Properly Target Your Audience One of the most effective ways to reach your audience is to understand them by developing a detailed buyer persona. A buyer persona should accurately identify your ideal audience and reflect the specific desires your prospects have when it comes to your products or services. Normally, businesses will have more than one buyer persona to express the likely diversity of the company’s audience. Just like customers with who visit your website, there will be many traits that make up your buyer personas to help you navigate your demographics and build your business around their needs. Here are some important questions you […]

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Five Steps to Rule Social Media

Whether on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or something else, ruling the leaderboard is an essential to marketing and brand awareness Social Media is a great place to raise awareness of you and your brand.  But, there are some key components to avoid becoming stale in Social Media circles.  Here are some key steps to success as a part of some of the research Myopolis has done recently: Post great content – at least once per day, you need to be posting something that is both relevant and recent. Twice per day is even better. Request friends, connections, links, citizenship, or whatever – the more people you can interact with, the […]

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How to build a Facebook Ads Funnel

How to Build a Facebook Ads Funnel Want to scale your most successful email marketing funnels? Wondering how a Facebook ads funnel can help? By Modeling Email Sequences, that’s how. #1: Outline Your Ad Sequence Funnel Most sales funnels include an email follow-up sequence, which is a series of pre-written emails that are automatically delivered on certain days in the funnel. Each sales funnel is different and can include a sequence of a few emails to many emails. To create a dynamic ad sequence, you replace the emails with Facebook or Instagram ads for each topic. After people opt to receive the lead magnet, they automatically start seeing a nurture […]

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Mobile Apps Soaring-newsletter-Parker-Associates-blog-may-2018

Mobile Apps Soaring

Spending on mobile apps continue to soar.  As Kiplinger reports, mobile apps will be nearing $160 Billion globally by 2022, up from about $82 Billion in 2017.  This is purported proof that apps still have legs.  China is the leading market by far, followed by the Us, Japan and South Korea. Popular categories include social media, texting, games, music and video.  And, a slew of others are poised for explosive growth.  Apps for health care, education, productivity and smart homes will give coders new markets to chase.  Of course, Apple and Alphabet will rake in profits, since their app stores are the dominant places to retrieve apps. Stay on top […]

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Digital Banking

Europe has a considerable digital bank market.  Now, according to the Kiplinger Letter, these digital banks are coming to the US.  Monzo, N26 and Revolut plan to launch soon despite difficulties faced by American counterparts.  The Europeans will encounter the same regulatory hurdles, however, and are likely to partner with traditional banks, as US-based Chime, Qapital and others have. Friendlier laws in Europe have allowed internet-based banks to ramp up.  Among the services attracting customers is no-fee international ATM use, cryptocurrency trading, cross-border currency transfers plus traditional banking. Keep ahead of the curve with critical understanding of the consumer market through market research that can help understand where to direct […]

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Better Building for Living Green

The term “Green Building” has become ubiquitous in the building industry over the past few years.  Unfortunately, many builders and manufacturers are guilty of offering the bare minimum in Eco-friendly products and features while touting the maximum in benefits.  This has led to “green washing” leaving many consumers confused and skeptical about green claims. A client of ours, TerraWise Homes, is a true green builder.  They understand that most people are interested in being green.  But first and foremost, home buyers at every stage of the buyer spectrum are looking at the bottom line for real cost/value benefits.  The Net-Zero Energy approach to home design and construction brings the latest […]

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