Zero Energy Redefined

The Grid has redefined the potential PTC Computer Solutions has been involved in working with builders who work toward attaining that ultimate goal of “Zero Energy” homes. But, with many of the utility companies controlling the grid and the benefits of “Net Metering” once thought to be the solution, now changing their tune, it’s become apparent that we need to redefine ‘Zero Energy’ for Homes. It’s time to revamp the lingo around zero energy? In a recent article in Builder Online, this was the exact discussion. Zero Energy must be redefined. Zero energy is when the total amount of energy used by a home on an annual basis is equal […]

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Reining in Social Media

Our friends at Kiplinger, report that we’ve had enough of this Social Media influx of bad content. In an effort to rein in internet giants, Lawmakers are homing in on a new tactic: Make sites more responsible for user posts. How? Reduce or scrap their legal immunity for the flood of content that is uploaded by their users. Websites received liability protection in 1996. Congress wanted to encourage platforms to moderate content and remove objectionable posts…violent material, hate speech, etc…without the prospect of being slammed with lawsuits over users’ material. The move was pivotal in creating today’s web by ushering in an era of popular, user-driven sites…Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, […]

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Which Social Media Platform is Best?

Most Companies Use Social Media, but Which is Best It’s not a question of using Social Media, just a question of which ones are best for the purposes of the business. Not all platforms are worth the time and effort depending on the business. There are a number of excellent tools for a business to use when thinking about spending time, and money, on the social media efforts of the company. The main contenders are: PTC Computer Solutions has been involved with Social Media since the beginning of what we now refer to as Social Media. Facebook was the big player now, but it was not the first, by any […]

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Focus on the Perfect Keywords

How to choose the perfect focus keyword Regularly adding quality content to your website or blog is a good SEO strategy. Google sees that your website is active because new information is added and you increase the volume of your content. If you have crafted your keyword strategy properly and your content is nicely optimized for the right keywords, adding content will increase your findability. But how do you choose the perfect focus keyword or focus keyphrase? Especially when you’re blogging and focusing on long tail keywords, it can be difficult to decide which keywords to optimize for. In our view, there are at least three things you should do […]

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Ridding SpamBots – reCaptcha Won’t Work but the Honeypot Method Will

How do we get rid of these SpamBots on our site? Every site falls victim to SpamBots at some point. How you handle it can affect your customers, and most solutions can discourage some people from filling out your forms. That’s where the Honeypot Technique comes in. It allows you to ignore SpamBots without forcing your users to fill out a reCaptcha or jump through other hoops to fill out your form. This article is purely to help others implement a Honeypot Trap on their website forms. Since implementing the Honeypot Method on all of my client’s websites, we have successfully blocked 99.5% (thousands of submissions) of all our spam. […]

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Marketing Do’s and Don’ts

Why your marketing is failing and what to do about it As marketing consultants to developers since 1982, we at Parker Associates have had the opportunity to constantly meet business leaders who have questions about marketing or are curious about how to market to their prospects. Almost every conversation starts with “Our marketing strategy isn’t working…” or “We need a new marketing strategy that will help us reach more customers.” After a few consultations where we dig a little deeper, there’s nearly one common reason why most companies struggle to generate success through their marketing efforts: They define marketing by thinking about tactics instead of strategy. Marketing tactics vs. marketing […]

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4 Letters to Selling Anything

Why do people buy? One of the keys to being able to sell a product is to understand what makes it sell. Some things don’t change, people like to buy things because they want it or need it. But, there are always choices. How do you stand out in a crowd is how you will be noticed. People are often torn between a curiosity about new things and a fear of anything too new. As a result, they tend to gravitate to products that may be a bit outside what they are used to but also not too far from what they are accustomed to. The theory, developed a hundred […]

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Avoiding the SEO Pitfalls

Avoiding the SEO pitfalls of URL parameters URL parameters are the parts of the address of a web page often visible after a question mark (?), ampersand (&), equals (=) or other attribute. Parameters might also be referred to as “query strings” and are commonly used on e-commerce websites. Numerous websites make use of query string parameters as a core part of their site architecture for tracking session IDs, languages, powering search queries and more. However, query string parameters can often result in multiple variations of the same URL all serving the same content. For example, the following URLs would, in theory, all point to the same content: a collection […]

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SEO Friendly URLs

The Ultimate Guide for an SEO-Friendly URL Structure Google’s Featured Snippets are prime real estate in the SERPs, but if you want to capture them it’s hard to know where to start. This powerful tool identifies and organizes Featured Snippet data for your keywords making it easier for you to rank in Position 0. First impressions count. And when it comes to your website, your URLs are often the first thing Google and customers will see. URLs are also the building blocks of an effective site hierarchy, passing equity through your domain and directing users to their desired destinations. They can be tricky to correct if you don’t plan ahead, […]

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