5 Small Business Marketing Mistakes

Avoid These Common Errors Did you know that out of the thousands of ambitious entrepreneurs that start new businesses each year, only 10 percent succeed? Getting a business off the ground and running it smoothly is definitely no easy task. And one of the most significant reasons why small businesses fail is marketing. The thing is, there are so many marketing strategies to implement that it begs the question, why do so many businesses make so many marketing mistakes? What mistakes are these anyway, and how can you avoid them? To keep you out of the failure statistics, let’s address some of the most common marketing mistakes you should avoid […]

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Controlling Stress in Hard Times

There is no Better Time to Control Stress In these difficult times of operating a business, there is no doubt that stress on individuals, teams and entire organizations is running high. Stress takes on many forms- anxiety, concern, uneasiness, worry, aggravation, anger, annoyance, exasperation, irritation, persecution, trouble. Stress hampers productivity and places an organization’s entire culture in jeopardy. Measuring Your Stress Levels Parker Associates has collaborated with The Business Clinic to offer our business friends and colleagues free Stress Assessments. This is a collaborative effort to provide Stress Assessments for you and everyone on your team. The Business Clinic has agreed to waive the normal $129 fee in order to […]

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Mind Matters

Do You Mind? It’s not just something that has come up due to this pandemic world we live in, but mental health is always something we all need to be aware of. This is especially important for those working in the age of COVID-19. Employers should be keeping close tabs on how their employees are responding in day to day operations. Mental health needs to be a top priority for employers in the midst of this physical and often social distancing. Many employees and people in general, feel the loneliness, fear, anger, grief, and depression of daily isolation. Even though there may be daily interaction, there is still a feeling […]

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Neighborhood Trends

Understanding how neighborhoods are transitioning over time is an important data set. Parker Associates has always been on the forefront of interpreting these data trends in order to assist our clients with decision making. We use a number of different tools available in the industry to ensure we have a full picture of WHO is buying as well as WHAT they are buying and HOW. One of these is the RCLCO Neighborhood Atlas. They recently released new data which shows some significant trends. Since the release of the original Neighborhood Atlas, more than 20% of neighborhoods have shifted in one direction or the other, highlighting the elasticity and ever-changing nature […]

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The New Market Place

Sales & Marketing in the New Era The stakes are always high in any product development, but especially in real estate project developments, planned communities and new home sales programs. PTC Computer Solutions has worked closely with Parker Associates for years at understanding the Market in any environment. This is no different though the tools may be and we are working online and OPEN FOR BUSINESS. Parker Associates has perfected several unique processes for helping developers, builders and community managers take the necessary actions to effectively plan, position, market and sell to achieve success. We apply each of these proven processes, taking them from schematic concepts to real-time strategies for […]

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5 Steps to a Better Online Profile

Look Competitive by Staying SHARP After you’ve spent all the time, effort, and money on getting people and other businesses to notice you, it would be a shame if you then portrayed yourself poorly. It’s important to understand what other people see. Not how you see yourself, but how others see you. Take the average homebuyer looking online to buy a home. Home shoppers on Zillow, Trulia and other services are researching homes — and agents. For example, in October 2019, more than 1.06 billion homes were viewed on Zillow mobile – that’s 396 homes per second. And, nearly 40% of people who visited Zillow and/or Trulia in the past […]

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Working Remotely

Some Fundamental Differences Working Remotely When working remotely, there’s a loss of hallway chatter, camaraderie, and serendipitous experiences with other colleagues. Everyone is much less visible, and it takes a toll on collaboration because it’s just harder to connect with co-workers, even with all the digital tools in hand. Over the years, a sense of the key skills that remote workers in particular need in the digital space has emerged. Here are some of the ones to teach at first as more workers become remote: Working Out Loud – In this process, popularized by the book of the same name, workers narrate their work into digital tools. This helps us […]

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8 Reasons to Embrace Video Marketing

Why Video Marketing Works There’s no doubt that the video marketing scene is booming. But beneath all the hype, is it something your business should be using? The answer is an emphatic yes, and here are eight reasons why. Perfect Mesh with Social Media. Video is the perfect way to make inroads into social media, particularly the traffic fire hose of Facebook. It’s estimated that around 100 million hours of video are served each day on that platform alone, and that’s not to mention YouTube, Snapchat, and all the other outlets. Branding Exposure. If you’re looking to gain plenty of branding and exposure, posting a video to social is a […]

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Open for Business

Letting Your Customers Know There’s no question the world has changed in the last month. The question is, have you changed? Don’t assume the world is not working. Many are continuing to work and often harder than they were before. No one knows how long this will go on for sure, but there’s no question that it will have an end. When that comes, will you be hitting the ground running or scrambling to find a way to get back to work? PTC Computer Solutions and Parker Associates are still hard at work and providing services in some cases more than prior to all of this. We are OPEN FOR […]

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Online is King

People are Online It goes without saying that doing business in this environment is far more capable online. People are online in larger numbers than ever. Businesses continue to work online and tools that allow for more remote operation are overflowing with new account sign ups. It’s the time to make sure your business is ready for being online and has focused on a Web Centric marketing plan. Who’s Online Ready? Focusing a business to operate online is a key in this environment and will be as important after this unusual time has passed. People are being forced to work online and after the learning curve is overcome will continue […]

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