Scooter Swarm

On the Move Perhaps you have noticed the scooters on every corner from Coral Gables to Indianapolis to San Diego and beyond. The dockless scooters offer an alternative way to get around that is both simple and convenient. Offering a simple smartphone app, they can be unlocked, used, and parked without much more than a few minutes of understanding. But, they are not without their adversaries. They are coming to cities all over the country and have been causing some ruckus. It’s not uncommon with new innovations. Enjoy them (or, not) while you can because they’re going to start getting regulated more rigidly. The unregulated electric scooter honeymoon is nearing […]

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5 Steps To Success Finishing what you start is the most important aspect to successfully completing any task.  Sure, it sounds obvious, but I can’t tell you how many times I hear that people don’t have time to finish something, or can’t get started on something because they can’t find the time, or … on and on about excuses.  You get the picture. You’ll notice that I didn’t start this with the Table of Contents or the Publisher information or Credits to the Author or even a Forward.  I didn’t put a Dedication or Title Page or anything else to distract you from getting right to what is important, because […]

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Questions to Answer for Successful Businesses

Every Owner Must Be Able to Answer these 11 Questions And this isn’t just a one-time exercise–these are the questions you should be asking yourself and your team constantly. As a long time business owner of PTC Computer Solutions as well as start-ups NETneighbor and the Internet Access Club, I’m constantly striving to improve the businesses I’m leading. I do this by regularly asking myself and my team a slew of questions to fine tune what we’re already doing and find ways to add value for the future. There are a number of questions you should ask yourself, but the following are 11 essential questions you always need to be […]

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IoT Apps in Real Estate

3 Key IoT Applications to Improve Your Real Estate Assets The Internet of Things (IoT) applications in real estate are promising. From predictive maintenance to accelerated decision making to increased energy efficiency, IoT will improve both the real estate industry and our everyday lives. Buying a home is one of the most significant commitments that anyone can make in their life. Whether you’re looking to buy a house that will stick around for a while, or you’re searching for that perfect investment property, chances are you’re going to be worried about some of the burdens that come with property ownership. IoT can help. This article will go over three of […]

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Near Field Communication

Firms are Ramping Up Adoption of NFC With companies increasing the adaptation of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, there is a large number of new advancements to be made in various fields, including marketing of all kinds. The NFC technology allows two chip-enabled “things” to wirelessly communicate quickly and securely over a distance of a few centimeters. NFC is currently commonly used for payments at stores via smartphones or smartwatches and to unlock doors using key cards. Among the companies turning to NFC: carmaker Hyundai plans to use it to unlock and start cars. Cognac maker Remy Martin and luxury watchmaker Hublot are using NFC to prove their products’ authenticity […]

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10 Social Media Trends for 2019

Top Ten Social Media Trends to Watch in 2019 At PTC, we have seen a number of trends already developing in 2019. While it’s clear that Social Media platforms have been sources of information for many, it has been increasingly more looked to for all consumer revelations though much more with a wary eye. Users are increasingly leery of the information on social media. As social media platforms have evolved into full-blown communication channels, more brands are relying on these platforms to reach their target audiences. Consumer attention is scattered across various social platforms, not to mention apps and other online diversions. Brands that hope to capture consumers’ attention and […]

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3 Ways to Think of SEO

Inside Google Marketing Our partners at PTC Computer Solutions spend a lot of time thinking about search engine optimization, or SEO. No small wonder, given that the way people find what they are looking for these days is through a Search, and most often a Google Search, so search is one of the core services of the PTC Computer Solutions business. Of course, there are plenty of other ways to drive traffic to a website: Paid media, social posts, and display advertising, just to name a few. But, when done well, SEO can provide an important — and cost-effective — strategy for organic growth. In fact, the latest research from […]

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Dynamic Audiences in Google Analytics

Reach More Customers with Dynamic Audiences As reported by our partner in business, PTC Computer Solutions, Dynamic Audiences for Google Analytics is a great tool for business. For businesses to make the best decisions about where to invest their marketing budget, it’s critical that they understand user behavior on both their web and app properties. And while a website is often the first customer touchpoint, for many businesses, apps are where customers are spending more of their time. As a result, marketers need to capture audience insights from their app analytics that they can then take action on, both within and outside of their apps. Google Analytics for Firebase, an […]

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Improve Sales Through 3D Printing

Leveraging 3D Printing to Sell New Homes With the continued advancements in 3D Printing, it’s become something to consider when developing a marketing plan to boost your sales.  Traditional media formats are still useful, but consider the new potential in 3D Printing. Costs of 3D Printing continue to decline as well making it an affordable way to display your products and give a vision to your prospects.  Our team at PTC Computer Solutions has looked at various printers and has some ideas for you. Just as a paper printer can recreate a document based on electronic files, a 3D printer can create a to-scale model of a planned property based […]

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2019 Tech & Telecom

Things to Watch For It’s going to be an interesting year, no matter what happens. But, there are some things that our team at PTC Computer Solutions along with the Kiplinger group definitely feel are going to be prominent to watch for in 2019. Take a look at what we think. Telecom for Businesses Businesses will soon have a shot at choosing their own toll-free number…for the right price, of course. For the first time ever, the Federal Communications Committee (FCC) will auction toll-free numbers…17,000 of them starting with 833. Previously, digits were given on a first-come, first-served basis, so landing specific ones was difficult. Some numbers will go for […]

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