The Future of Homebuilding

Five Technologies that will change the future of homebuilding Parker Associates is always looking at the cutting edge of the industry and, in a recent meeting with the developer of the largest developments in Florida, we were asked what the future homebuilder will look like.  Where is the industry going and what will the homebuilder become?  These are excellent questions and, though we can’t say exactly what the homebuilder will look like, we can look at some of the influences that will change the industry. Some technologies that continue to develop are going to be significantly affecting the homebuilding industry.  With increasing costs of building materials and workers booked solid […]

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The Marketing & Sales Audit

Many developers and builders operate without looking closely at the Marketing and Sales efforts or who is operating them.  It’s a common mistake, especially in good times when things are selling without too much difficulty.  But, it’s a mistake. Examining Marketing and Sales Activities The Marketing and Sales Audit examines all marketing and sales activities with respect to the four phases of the REMA Marketing and Sales System: CONTROL, MARKET, SELL, and MONITOR (the REMA System diagram is shown here). The examination includes diagnostic analysis of activities resulting in a detailed report on conclusions and recommendations. The primary focus of the Marketing Audit is on information maintained by the Client […]

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Parker Associates has been assisting developers with the management of their Development and Marketing since 1982. Success starts with proper management.

Development Management

Many developments move forward with the thought that they can work through the needed requisites with their current team in place.  However, sometimes these teams don’t have all of the necessary parts to work through the entire development.  In other cases, the team needs a non-biased third party to help move the development forward in the direction necessary without too much conflict among the current team members.  The REMA Team can help. The principals of REMA have been responsible for development management of several large-scale planned communities in addition to serving as strategic advisors to several others in the United States, Europe and Africa. Dr. Parker received his doctorate in […]

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Fannie & Freddie Rentals

The Kiplinger Letter reports that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are pushing further into rental properties.  The two government-sponsored firms buy mortgages from private lenders and package them into securities.  Traditionally, they have bought home mortgages, but the duo now holds 38% of mortgages on apartments, up from 22% in 2006. The two firms want to boost financing for affordable rental housing.  Freddie Mac, for instance, just announced a plan to make low-cost loans to owners of rental properties in exchange for pledges to keep rents low for the long term. Note that Fannie and Freddie are also expanding into single-family rentals owned by large institutional investors, such as Invitation […]

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Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is defined as “development that meets the needs and aspirations of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. Thus, sustainable development is the organizing principle for sustaining finite resources necessary to provide for the needs of future generations. Parker Associates and PTC Computer Solutions have teamed together with REDdot Marketing to form the Real Estate Marketing Alliance (REMA) providing a full real estate solution for the benefit of our clients.  We are working with more and more developers and builders as well as other clients looking to provide more sustainability in their projects and businesses. Our clients include restaurants looking to […]

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Mobile Apps Soaring-newsletter-Parker-Associates-blog-may-2018

Mobile Apps Soaring

Spending on mobile apps continue to soar.  As Kiplinger reports, mobile apps will be nearing $160 Billion globally by 2022, up from about $82 Billion in 2017.  This is purported proof that apps still have legs.  China is the leading market by far, followed by the Us, Japan and South Korea. Popular categories include social media, texting, games, music and video.  And, a slew of others are poised for explosive growth.  Apps for health care, education, productivity and smart homes will give coders new markets to chase.  Of course, Apple and Alphabet will rake in profits, since their app stores are the dominant places to retrieve apps. Stay on top […]

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Digital Banking

Europe has a considerable digital bank market.  Now, according to the Kiplinger Letter, these digital banks are coming to the US.  Monzo, N26 and Revolut plan to launch soon despite difficulties faced by American counterparts.  The Europeans will encounter the same regulatory hurdles, however, and are likely to partner with traditional banks, as US-based Chime, Qapital and others have. Friendlier laws in Europe have allowed internet-based banks to ramp up.  Among the services attracting customers is no-fee international ATM use, cryptocurrency trading, cross-border currency transfers plus traditional banking. Keep ahead of the curve with critical understanding of the consumer market through market research that can help understand where to direct […]

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Better Building for Living Green

The term “Green Building” has become ubiquitous in the building industry over the past few years.  Unfortunately, many builders and manufacturers are guilty of offering the bare minimum in Eco-friendly products and features while touting the maximum in benefits.  This has led to “green washing” leaving many consumers confused and skeptical about green claims. A client of ours, TerraWise Homes, is a true green builder.  They understand that most people are interested in being green.  But first and foremost, home buyers at every stage of the buyer spectrum are looking at the bottom line for real cost/value benefits.  The Net-Zero Energy approach to home design and construction brings the latest […]

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Mill-Rent-ials – Single-Family Rentals Outpace Apartment Rentals

Single-Family Rentals Outpace Apartment Rentals According to a recent report by Multifamily Executive, the numbers reflect status of single-family rentals as fastest-growing housing sector from 2007 to 2016. Single-family rentals have been the fastest growing segment of housing over the past 10 years, outpacing apartment rentals. This rise in linear living, caused by the inability to attain homeownership for many of today’s residents after the housing market crash, has been more drastic in some markets than others. RENTCafé recently studied 30 of the nation’s largest cities to determine which markets saw the most growth in single-family rentals. Overall, the number of single-family rentals in the U.S. grew by 31% (3.6 […]

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How the Self Employed have Solved the Mortgage Finance Challenge

Over the last few decades, the American employment landscape has changed significantly. The traditional idea of working for a single company or corporation for the majority of one’s career has waned and given way to more entrepreneurial models. Therefore, an increasing percentage of Americans now work as sub-contractors, are fully commissioned or self-employed (According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, It is estimated that 15 million Americans were self-employed in 2015). Of course, these buyers look for every possible write-off to reduce their tax burden each year. By doing so, their AGI (adjusted gross income) may not truly reflect their ability to make mortgage payments. These aspiring homebuyers are now […]

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