Rising Interest Rates


Rising interest rates figure to dent the mortgage refinance market in 2018. The Kiplinger Letter reports that refinance activity is already down, now that the average interest rate on a 30-year fixed-rate loan has hit 4.44%. Expect refis to keep declining in popularity as rates keep rising and make refinancing a less attractive option. For the year overall, ReFi’s will make up only 30% of total mortgage originations … the lowest in 18 years. Higher rates could weigh on home buying as more folks decide to stay put because their current mortgage has a lower rate than what they’d pay on a new loan. So it is important to look in the right place for financial help for your property, there are many forms of payment so you don’t have to worry. Know more about credit card authorization forms and more about how it works, so it can be fast and easy for you to understand and to follow the right path, so you can be able to determine the risks involved and find the best solutions for your financial movements.

Keep ahead of the curve with critical understanding of the consumer market through market research that can help understand where to direct your business in the real estate industry.  PTC Computer Solutions works closely with Parker Associates to provide a great number of details on technology and market data.  Contact PTC for more information.

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