Stick to the Script



The Sales Process is, in many ways, much like a movie script that the Sales Associate guides the prospect through.  With a movie script, in order to succeed both popularly and critically, stories must be based on structures like Freytag’s pyramid (rising action, climax, falling action, resolution), but even a well-structured story fails without the right surprises.  Don’t just show the prospect a house, tell them a story:

  • Bring them through the Introduction in the Sales Center, the build-up, or rising action, to the Entry into the house.
  • Provide the prospect with subtle surprises by pointing out some key features, either exciting, interesting, or unique to the home.
  • Lead them to the climactic spot in the home, whether it be a beautiful view, a grand room, or a tremendous kitchen.
  • Guide them along the less exciting, but necessary aspects, such as the laundry area or closet space, ina falling action back to the closing area for the resolution to the visit…the Closing!

A good Sales Process, much like a good story that works, is always full of surprises. The correct structure puts the prospect, like the audience, on a familiar path, so that they think they know where they are headed, and they go along in order to confirm their guesses.  But, keep them guessing, and you will be able to peak their interest.

Parker Associates and PTC Computer Solutions are experts in helping with the Sales Process and Coaching the Sales Team.  If you need some assistance and guidance, contact us to set up a personal meeting.  We’re happy to discuss your personal situation and offer some ideas on how you can better handle Sales.

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