Dr. David Forster Parker at work in the 2000s

Dr. David Forster Parker (1934-2017)

Dr. David Forster Parker (1934-2017) David Forster Parker died on July 13th after suffering a stroke in his sleep on the 11th while visiting friends and family while vacationing in Toronto, Canada.  Wife, Marilynn, was by his side along with family and friends. He had just enjoyed his 83rd birthday on July 4th attending a big party with friends as was his standard given a birth date that coincided with one of the biggest party days for the entire country. The Parker Family will be holding two ceremonies to celebrate the life and times of Dr. David Forster Parker to honor both of the places he liked to call home: […]

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Florida Land Grab, a novel by Dr. David F. Parker.

Why Write A Novel?

I have always been a prolific writer, primarily on real estate analysis and related topics designed to assist land developers, builders, sales managers and related professionals. Most of my writing has been in the form of articles for trade magazines, including “Urban Land”, “Builder”, “Florida Homebuilder”, etc., as well as three books published and marketed by The Builder Press on marketing and selling new homes, and one Amazon book: Six Success Steps To Selling Your Own Home. With the help of many friends and family, I also authored Live Every Day . . ., the biography of our second son and business partner, Stephen Parker, who succumbed to cancer at […]

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