4 Letters to Selling Anything

Why do people buy? One of the keys to being able to sell a product is to understand what makes it sell. Some things don’t change, people like to buy things because they want it or need it. But, there are always choices. How do you stand out in a crowd is how you will be noticed. People are often torn between a curiosity about new things and a fear of anything too new. As a result, they tend to gravitate to products that may be a bit outside what they are used to but also not too far from what they are accustomed to. The theory, developed a hundred […]

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How the Self Employed have Solved the Mortgage Finance Challenge

Over the last few decades, the American employment landscape has changed significantly. The traditional idea of working for a single company or corporation for the majority of one’s career has waned and given way to more entrepreneurial models. Therefore, an increasing percentage of Americans now work as sub-contractors, are fully commissioned or self-employed (According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, It is estimated that 15 million Americans were self-employed in 2015). Of course, these buyers look for every possible write-off to reduce their tax burden each year. By doing so, their AGI (adjusted gross income) may not truly reflect their ability to make mortgage payments. These aspiring homebuyers are now […]

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