Small is Beautiful…Again

The increasing movement toward smaller homes has gained in popularity throughout the nation.  NAHB’s Consumer Preferences reports a continued interest in smaller homes.  Between 2009 and 2015, the median square footage of a new single-family home grew from 2,135 to 2,467.  But, in 2010, builders indicated they would be building smaller homes moving forward.  We have seen that over the last two years, as the home sizes have gradually decreased to 2,388 square feet.  Consumers in a direct response to the consumer survey indicated price, energy efficiency, home organization and comfort as the key factors influencing a new home purchase decision.  This survey supports our observations that The Great Recession […]

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Larger homes for the affluent new world.

New Homes For Who?

New Homes For Who? The National Association of Home Builders’ annual survey of new home prospective purchasers is based on the opinions of 3,682 prospective homeowners in the summer of 2012. It is presented as a reputable sample of potential American homebuyers. But is it? The NAHB survey reports that new home consumers are requesting larger homes with four or more bedrooms and builders across the nation appear to be responding with their latest versions of family homes.  A two-story dwelling with functional open space planning on the ground floor, and served by energy conservation features are preferences that rank ahead of neighborhood location in this survey (the historic key […]

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So, you want to be a sales professional. A summary of the presentation at NEFBA's SMC meeting by Dr. David F. Parker.

So You Want To Be A Sales Professional

(Summary of  David F. Parker presentation to Jacksonville NAHB Sales & Marketing Council, 10/12/12) Many new home and general sales agents fail to reach their potential because of misinterpretation of the scope of their chosen occupation. They have learned that their objective is to assist a potential home-buyer with finding a suitable house.  Pursuing this objective often results in general real estate agents assuming the role of tour guide to introduce the consumer to a list of available land for sale in selected by price range and geographical area. New home sales agents often adopt a similar misinterpretation by focusing on demonstration of the merits of their model homes. Both […]

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