Urban Transportation


Urban Transportation

Vehicles, mobility solutions, and transit ideas from the tech world

A host of one of the tech world’s tentpole events, CES 2018, Las Vegas has a lot more going for it than entertainment and ample hotel rooms. When it comes to technology, the city has quietly become an early test site for a handful of urban mobility concepts, from running pilots of autonomous shuttles to testing hyperloop technology in the nearby desert.

But, much of the hype, keynotes, and promo videos talking up the future of urban transportation still have a long way to go before truly shifting how we travel and navigate our cities.

As the urban transportation pundits zero in on smart home innovations unveiled recently, we’re also highlighting urban mobility technology showcased here. Here are some of the next-generation innovations and inventions that companies are pushing as potential improvements to the way we get around our cities.



Jacksonville’s own transportation authority, JTA, has unveiled some recent plans they are looking at for Jacksonville’s urban core.  Jacksonville’s J Magazine reported that JTA’s futuristic fleet of street-level, autonomous, driverless vehicles circulating throughout downtown Jacksonville is closer than you might think.  JTA’s Ultimate Urban Circulator Project envisions the following:

  1. A larger fleet of vehicles arriving more often.
  2. Vehicles large enough to carry peak number of passengers.
  3. Vehicles that could operate individually or be connected to provide high capacity during peak travel times.
  4. Street level extensions of the current Skyway that use dedicated transit lanes with signal priority to ensure a high level of speed, frequency and reliability.

Autonomous vehicles provide a solution.  However, they provide a greater solution as a managed fleet.  This is likely the direction many urban core transportation needs will be met.

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