What’s in a Name?

Nine steps to naming a community as presented by Parker Associates.

Twenty years ago, prior to the advent of a computer in every home, names for new communities were selected according to developer preference, guided by reference to special amenities and location advantages. But now that shopping by computer has become the norm, effective community identification must be guided by advice from Internet marketing specialists familiar with preferred selection by “search engines.”

Real Estate Marketing Alliance recommends the following nine-point community identity selection process for deciding on an optimum name.

1. Image Concept provides the initial framework for selection: what words can best convey the attributes of this property to identified target consumers (potential for love at first sight).

2. Domain Potential must be explored at the outset to test the availability of website domain names meeting the concept objective.

3. Size of the candidate names in both word length and number of words, with shorter being better (e.g., Coke, Hertz, Vegas, Disney).

4. Graphics depiction of names and related subject matter that convey the image as an extension of the name (e.g., graphic portrayal of key amenity).

5. Association of both on-site and nearby nature, neighbors, amenities, housing.

6. Environment of site and surrounding area in terms of climate, water, trees, hills, landscape, nature, etc.

7. Key Features relative to competitive communities (e.g., pickleball, grass tennis courts, unique golf feature, social events, fine dining).

8. Location with respect to easy access to travel (airport, Interstate) as well as regional amenities (professional/college sports, learning and culture centers, shopping mall).

9. Remembrance: word, phrase, graphic that lingers in the memories of website visitors.

Objective input to this nine-point process will result in community identities that attract target consumers. Try it! Or better yet, contact us for expert assistance.


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