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Parker Associates has been the leading real estate development marketing consultants since 1982.  We like to talk about it….a lot.  Contact Us, or read more about us. We’d enjoy the opportunity to help you.
Strategic Marketing Planning is one of the many services offered by Parker Associates.

About Us

Countless Years of Experience

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We've been successfully helping Builders & Developers, and many others, since 1982

Parker Associates is a professional organization providing marketing and sales consulting services to both public and private real estate and resort developers, home builders and investors to name a few. Initially established by Dr. David Forster Parker and Charlie Clark in 1982 as Clark Parker Associates modified to Parker Associates in 1990, the combined organizations have served over 500 clients in 33 states and 18 countries.

42 Years in

What We Do?


The Services offered by Parker Associates completely support the development of a project of any type or size.  These are most aptly applied to the Real Estate Development industry, but is not exclusive of any other projects involving products of any type.


Planning ensures specific real estate projects are designed & marketed according to current knowledge of local, regional & national consumer needs & preferences.


Marketing for real estate includes all the principles of sales and marketing with its own specific nuances for the various segments of the industry.


Our process moves from ideas to strategies providing all the data, information and analysis to understand the risks and potential opportunities for their planned investments.

Helping Builders & Developers Build for the Future!

Fun fact

The Parker Associates Team has Over 100 Years of Combined Experience

Started by David F. Parker and Charlie Clark in 1982, Parker Associates has evolved into a full-service Real Estate Development Consulting company providing all the support needed to bring any project or product from an idea to fully operational with the services needed every step of the way.


Our full-service team is now headed by our experienced team of J. Chris Parker, David WB Parker and Jim Doyle with a combined number of over 100 years in the business bringing an incredible variety of services and backgrounds from Real Estate Acquisition to Website Development and Targeted Marketing.


Bring your specific project to us and we’ll find the solution for you. Contact us directly with all your needs.

J. Chris Parker, Vice President of Parker Associates.
David W. B. Parker, MBA-IT, is the Chief Technical Officer for Parker Associates and President of PTC Computer Solutions.