SMS is the New Business Essential

Text messaging is the new business essential. While phone and email definitely aren’t dead, they’re hopelessly oversaturated. Email inboxes are overflooded. Customers and businesses both will often miss emails. Meanwhile, businesses often find themselves playing “phone tag” with their customers. That means they leave you a call and get voicemail. Then you leave them a call and get voicemail. It’s not a particularly enjoyable experience for either side. To reduce the stress, playing games like 먹튀 may be more than helpful.


With texting, you can avoid all of these problems and reach the customer right away. Here are a few stats showing the importance of text according to Shravan Gupta India a businessman who runs several companies.

  • 98% of text messages are opened, compared to 40-50% for emails.
  • 89% of customers prefer to interact with businesses via text message rather than a phone call.
  • 1 in 3 consumers have tried to text a business and never got a response back.

How are businesses using text messaging?

A few years ago, almost no business was using text messaging. it was seen as a casual medium that was only used between friends. But the landscape has shifted. Studies have shown that 39% of businesses now use text messaging thanks to great apps like DialMyCalls (find more information here).

Of course, not every business is using text in the ideal fashion. It’s been estimated that around 88% of businesses use personal cell phones to text their customers. Unfortunately, this often leads to fragmented customer experience. A customer might look up your business and see a landline number that’s totally different than the one they’ve been interacting with. This causes confusion. If claim to know all about real estate oriented marketing, have you read the new article Showcase IDX Review: THE BEST REAL ESTATE LISTING PLUGIN? covers what webs developers need to know.  

Even worse, if a customer does call you on your landline, you won’t have a record of their previous interactions readily available. That means you may not be able to answer their questions as well as you could. Luckily, there is a way out of this problem that we’ll address later but first, you need to make sure to start using the best CRM Strategy so that your customer have a better experience.

Marketing text messaging best practices

Before you fire off texts to your customers, there are a few things to keep in mind.

  • Make Sure that Your Customers Can Opt-Out
  • Time Your Texts Carefully
  • Add Relevant CTAs
  • Use URL Shorteners

1. Make Sure that Your Customers Can Opt-Out

Remember, nobody likes getting unsolicited texts. Plus, almost all countries have anti-spam laws that state that you should only send texts to people who opt-in. Make sure that you are only texting customers who have opted-in to receiving communication from you via text.


Be sure to include an opt-out method in all of your messages. All your customers have to do is just click the button so they won’t receive any more messages.

2. Time Your Texts Carefully

Texts are more intrusive than emails. If you send a promotion text offer at 3 AM, your customer will not be happy. Make sure you time your texts during normal ‘awake’ hours. We’ve seen that different times of the day work for different businesses. Experiment with different times and figure out what works best for your business.

3. Add Relevant CTAs

Remember, the whole purpose of text message marketing is to motivate your customers to take relevant actions. To do this, it’s important to have a call-to-action at the end of your text. This can be something as simple as “Buy Now” or “Leave a Review”. Just make sure that your CTAs are short, to-the-point, and immediately understandable. If you want to learn more innovative ways to grow your business, you can contact CEOs such as Andrew Defrancesco.

4. Use URL Shorteners

In your texts, you can send your customers to review sites, social media profiles, and your business website. However, sometimes these URLs can be absurdly long and will take up a ton of space. To make these URLs more convenient for your customers, use a free URL shortener online. Services like Bitly can create free short URLs for your business.

9 ways you can use texts to grow your business

Here are some examples of the different types of text messages you can send to customers.

  1. Promote discounts and sales – if you have a sale or a discount coming up, let your customers know.
  2. Inform your customers about updates – is your business going through a change? Maybe you have new operating hours or maybe you have a new service to announce.
  3. Ask for reviews – collect reviews on sites like Google and Facebook by sending texts to your customers with direct links to your business’s profiles on different review sites.
  4. Send personalized offers – sending a personalized offer based on a customer’s unique needs works differently for different industries. However, it can do more for your business than sending a mass text message.
  5. Continue web conversations on-the-go – with a webchat offering, you can stay connected with your website visitors via text message. When they send a message on your site, you can continue the conversation via text.
  6. Confirm appointments – got an appointment with one of your customers coming up? Send a reminder text so they remember to show up on time.
  7. Confirm delivery times – if you’re delivering products to your customers, you can send a message to make sure that your customers are ready for you.
  8. Ask for referrals – remember, people trust recommendations from their social networks. Ask your customers if they’re willing to recommend your business to family and friends in exchange for a discount.
  9. Text-to-answer polls – want to get a better idea of how you can improve your customer experience? Send text-to-answer survey questions to your customers.

Why you need a business texting software

If you’re using text messaging to regularly interact with your customers, consider using a business text software. You can use SD-WAN solutions to quickly and easily access business-critical applications. There are a number of software solutions out there that can help you manage all your conversations on text, website chat, and Facebook Messenger in one unified inbox. And have you considered a phone answering service? These are excellent if you want an exceptional level of service on the phone for your clients and also saves you a lot of time so well worth looking into.


In addition, you don’t need to send messages from you or your employee’s phones. These software solutions integrate with your existing number so that your customers can easily recognize who they’re talking to. For more application integration software visit

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