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Parker Associates is a professional organization providing marketing and sales consulting services to both public and private real estate and resort developers, home builders and investors to name a few.

Initially established by Dr. David Forster Parker and Charlie Clark in 1982 as Clark Parker Associates, modified to Parker Associates in 1990, the combined organizations have served over 500 clients in 33 states and 18 countries. In recent years following the passing of the Founding Fathers, Parker Associates is headed by J. Chris Parker and David W. B. Parker, MBA-IT. Chris heads the company as President with David as Vice President, Chief Technical Officer and Market Research Director. Jim Doyle joins us as our Targeted Marketing Professional and President of REDdot Marketing.

Between the three executives, we are made up of over 100 years of professional experience with OUR TEAM and also work extensively with OUR TEAMMATES to provide a full solution for you.  Read more about Our Services here.

We have a strong TEAM of professionals as well as some very important TEAMMATES we work with. Check them out. PTC Computer Solutions provides an all inclusive list of Online Web Services, while REDdot Marketing supports the Online services as well as more traditional Targeted Marketing Solutions. Barclay’s Real Estate Group completes the Real Estate support objective by allowing Parker Associates to handle all Land Acquisition and Real Estate transactional aspects of the business.