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Gross Domestic Product Growth

Gross Domestic Product Growth Positive signs of economic recovery were reported by U.S. GDP growth in the first quarter of 2011. Despite the limitations of poor weather, high gasoline prices and slower consumer spending, strong job increases reinforce other factors supporting a sustainable economic recovery. Substantial private-sector contributions to economic expansion continue to increase the prospects for 2011 growth. Contact Parker Associates for more information at

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Development opportunities are what we are experts in.

Profit Opportunities Still Available

Profit Opportunities Still Available Despite the length of the Great Recession and its lingering tail, development opportunities of unusual value still come to Parker Associates on a weekly frequency.  If you are in the real estate investment market, please contact one of our senior associates to review our files on available opportunities. One of the main sources of revenue is also the

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The Magic Number is a novel by Dr. David F. Parker.

PTC Communications publishes The Magic Number

PTC Communications is an editor and publisher of the arts. PTC Communications, a subsidiary of PTC Computer Solutions and Parfam, Inc., has published The Magic Number.  The memoir of David F. Parker – The Magic Number – is finally available for purchase. After several years of editing and going back and forth with publishers, we have finalized the book and it is available at for purchase. If you have any interest in the life and times of David F. Parker (you may even be in the book!), get online and purchase your copy. Signed copies are available directly from the author.  Go to or or email […]

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Urban Sprawl is one of the professional expertises of Parker Associates.

SPRAWL, A New Definition

Healthy Lunch Tips for the Busy Executive Stay energised and well-nourished throughout your workday by maintaining a balanced diet with a healthy lunch. Healthy Eating At Work It is lunch hour once again! You have just about an hour to grab a bite and get back to work. Are you wondering what you should eat? If you are on a quest for good nutrition and a healthy diet, here are eight effective steps to help you eat better and encourage your colleagues to do so as well. 1. Practice Healthy Eating by Choosing Items With Lesser Fat, Especially Saturated Fat Start by picking items with less fat. Here are some […]

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Parker House conglomerates to understand the housing market and research data.

Parker House formed to help real estate developers and their marketing needs

Parker House is where all aspects of Real Estate and Real Estate Marketing come together.  We are here to help you with your real estate needs. Parker House consists of: Parker Associates – Real Estate Marketing Development Consultants since 1982 – PTC Computer Solutions – Web site design and development, eCommerce, Web Marketing, Online Marketing, Network Support,  and IT Consulting specialists since 1996 – Parker Realty SE – Real Estate Broker specializing in commercial land since 1990 – REMA – Real Estate Marketing Alliance converging all real estate needs under one roof. Contact us for any of your needs. or 904-992-9888.  Find out more about us at […]

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