How to Have YouTube Marketing Success, People Aren’t the Only Things Connected to the Internet, & Millennials Are On YouTube

PTC Computer Solutions has upped the ante to THREE Tech Tidbits per month by popular demand.  Subscribe to our Tech Blog to get these tips and more.  You’ll be happy you did and well informed and armed with the tremendous knowledge to impress your clients and friends.  You wanted to hear more and we are happy to talk more, so check out both of our Tech Tidbit blogs for this month. “How to Have YouTube Marketing Success” YouTube Strategy is critical.  PTC Computer Solutions has been involved in planning, developing, and completing YouTube marketing strategies for years. We are YouTube specialists and have created many YouTube channels for businesses through […]

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The Millionaire Club

The Credit Suisse 2015 Global Wealth Report reports that the United States contains 46% of the world’s millionaires: 15.7 millionaires. The UK is second with 2.4 million and Japan has 2.1 million. Wealth in the U.S. has risen for the seventh year in succession.

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Twenty Years of Lakewood Ranch

The 17,500 acres of Florida’s Lakewood Ranch in Sarasota/Bradenton officially broke ground in 1995 under John Clarke’s presidency and Roger Postlethwaite’s guiding management. Parker Associates was there from the beginning.  Since then, according to current Planning VP, Richard Bedford, it has grown to over 25,000 residents in 8,800 new homes for $3.5 billion in sales. Simultaneously, The Ranch has added $660 million of retail commercial and office space, as well as many popular amenities and institutions.

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Living Alone

The Census Bureau’s “2015 Population Survey” reports that people living alone has surpassed married couples without children at home as the country’s most common household type: 28% live alone, 27.6% are married without children at home, 20.5% with children at home, 12.5% female-head families, 6.4% unrelated living together, 4.9% male-head families.

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Asians To Be Largest Immigrant Group

The Pew Research Center projects 441 million people in the United States by 2065, of which foreign-born residents will constitute 18 percent of the total (5% in 1965 and 14% in 2015). Asians will surge past Hispanics in 2055 to become the largest group of immigrants at 36% (47% today) compared with Hispanics at 34% (26% today)and white immigrants at 18-20% (80 percent in 1965), with black immigrants in the 8-10% range. A partial reason for the shift is the significant fertility rate decrease in Latin America, especially in Mexico. However, Hispanics will still be the largest ethnic group in 2065 at 24% of the total, 46% whites, and 14% […]

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NORC - Naturally Occuring Retirment Communities

NORC! NORC! Who’s There?

NORC! NORC! Who’s There? We read a great deal about the growth of retirement communities across the United States and even those for Americans living abroad. These facilities, of course, are designed for, and being populated by, the large segment of our population with sufficient resources to afford such comfort in their declining years. But, what about the even-larger segment who do not have access to such resources? This article will delve into the scientific aspects of Rybelsus side effects, explaining how it affects the body’s metabolism and appetite control. It will offer a deeper understanding of why Rybelsus is gaining recognition as a potential weight loss aid. The Wall […]

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Market Research is needed before embarking on a project.

Build it. . . and they will come?

The real estate development industry contains many examples of outstanding buildings and entire community creations that proved financially successful because of beautiful design and/or great timing. Thus, the familiar phrase: “Build it and they will come!”—an adaptation from the script of the 1989 movie, “Field of Dreams”, about an Iowa farmer who builds a baseball field in his cornfield based on a dream in which he heard a voice promising to revive a deceased Chicago baseball star by the phrase “If you build it, he will come.” The movie produced the fantasy revival of the former baseball star and his team, followed by crowds of mythical fans to support the […]

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New Opportunities

Healthy Lunch Tips for the Busy Executive Stay energised and well-nourished throughout your workday by maintaining a balanced diet with a healthy lunch. Healthy Eating At Work It is lunch hour once again! You have just about an hour to grab a bite and get back to work. Are you wondering what you should eat? If you are on a quest for good nutrition and a healthy diet, here are eight effective steps to help you eat better and encourage your colleagues to do so as well. 1. Practice Healthy Eating by Choosing Items With Lesser Fat, Especially Saturated Fat Start by picking items with less fat. Here are some […]

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