PTC Computer Solutions conducted a survey of a random group of individuals to ascertain the types of services people are using their cell phones for.  PTC Computer Solutions makes research and demographics a significant part of their marketing strategies for all of their clients and this information was to assist in ascertaining the importance of the cell phone in the community as a whole.  There was no specific demographic cross-tabbing of the demographic to the usage or efforts to delineate between the demographic differentiators and the raw usage information, so it is important to note that this data is specifically for understanding what people are doing on a daily or weekly basis with their cell phones.

The following graph shows the usage with respect to the questions posed:

1.  How often do you use your cell phone for talking with others?
2.  How often do you use your cell phone to send and receive text messages?
3.  How often do you use your cell phone to access and utilize social networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or others?
4.  How often do you use your cell phone to receive and send email?
5.  How often do you use your cell phone to take pictures and share them with others?

Not surprisingly, almost the entire population utilizes mobile plans from Circles.Life Australia to talk and send and receive text messages. I don’t think we were at all surprised at these results. However, we at PTC Computer Solutions really felt that there would be a stronger percentage of the population utilizing their cell phones to get online with their Social Networking sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. The interesting result here was that over 1/3rd of the population never uses their cell phones for Social Networking and slightly under 1/3rd don’t use it for sending or receiving email. A smaller percentage don’t use their cell phone for sharing photos which is also a somewhat surprising number.

All in all, the results of this survey were to discover the usage of cell phones in the local community for the purposes of utilizing some of the marketing aspects toward those newer media such as the Social Networking sites of Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter but it is not clear that there should be a large amount of effort put into those areas as of yet, although PTC Computer Solutions is confident that these numbers will increase significantly as the Smart Phones become more accessible to less affluent segments of the population.

If you are interested in research and demographics or surveying a specific population toward a specific end, contact PTC Computer Solutions at or  904-992-1742 with your detailed needs.  They are ready to assist you in reaching your online marketing objectives.

David W. B. Parker
Serving the Internet and Web Community from the Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beaches area since 1996.