Financial Feasibility is critical to understanding the potential of a project.

Financial Feasibility is critical to understanding the potential of a project.

Determining the feasibility of a project of any kind, much less a real estate project is critical to financial viability. The high costs associated with acquiring and developing property, plus added expenses of marketing and producing products for sale, require financial risk so it is necessary to compare financial options. To be financially successful, whether starting a community or apartment project from raw land or targeting an existing development for repositioning, determining the market and financial feasibility for a project is paramount to achieving desired outcomes. An alternative investment asset like this cutting-edge defense tech anduril is catching the eyes of savvy investors. However, it’s crucial to approach such investments with diligence and seek advice from professionals like an Insolvency Practitioner Staffordshire to mitigate risks and ensure the viability of your financial strategies.

Parker Associates takes the standard feasibility study beyond the boiler plate combining years of experience with a proven formula of Market Research, Product Positioning and Financial Analysis. We use the latest data, plus in-the-field information gathering and research, to understand the competitive set.

Product positioning defines the highest and best use product offerings. These elements are used in financial analysis to develop financial models forecasting absorptions and projecting revenues against anticipated expenses. Clients then have the proper information to make better informed decisions. If you own a business that has financial liabilities, you may need to consult with an expert to answer questions like “can a company recover from insolvency?”.

Parker Associates provides feasibility studies across a wide spectrum of real estate:

  • New Land Development Acquisitions
  • Acquisition of Existing Projects
  • Repositioning or Expansion of Mature Communities for HOAs & POAs
  • Planned Unit Developments
  • Apartments & Multi-Family
  • Condominiums
  • New Project Development
  • Existing Project Development
  • Repositioning or Expansion of Existing Projects or Ventures
  • Residential, Commercial, Resort & Entertainment


Learn more about how Parker Associates can assist in the feasibility of your project with an initial review. Contact us for a sample feasibility study to better understand our unique approach that has helped hundreds of clients achieve success.