Whether on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter or something else, ruling the leaderboard is an essential to marketing and brand awareness



Social Media is a great place to raise awareness of you and your brand.  But, there are some key components to avoid becoming stale in Social Media circles.  Here are some key steps to success as a part of some of the research Myopolis has done recently:

  1. Post great content – at least once per day, you need to be posting something that is both relevant and recent. Twice per day is even better.
  2. Request friends, connections, links, citizenship, or whatever – the more people you can interact with, the better. And, they will often accept or request you back.  The more individuals you have in your social media, the more exposure you will build.  Exposure, interaction, comments, etc. increase the likelihood that you will trend higher in your general media analytics.
  3. Interact with others – try to interact with as many posts as possible. Comment, share, pingworthy, agree, pin, etc. and you will reap the reward.  The more interactions you have, the more you will increase interest in people wanting to network with you.  And, the more people you network with, the more exposure for you and your brand.
  4. Invite people – the more people you invite from the various social media sites, or people who are new to social media, the larger your base and thus the larger you exposure. Remember, people don’t need to leave their current social media communities to interact on your social media, so there is no harm in asking.
  5. Build your own communities that matter – grouping or conglomerating under a common message will help to gather people of similar interest and gain trust within that group. Get four or five close friends, colleagues, or clients to use the social media as their primary means of connecting and there will be a benefit.  Even small groups begin to carry heavy influence and motivate people to remain active.

The REMA Team is an alliance of professionals in the real estate industry focused on research, data, and how it can be used in marketing and sales with our expertise in understanding and interpreting the data we gather for our clients.  We focus on ensuring that visualizations are clear and accurate, giving decision-makers confidence in their choices.  Data is data, but visualizing the data is what makes the difference.  Explore both the spatial and non-spatial data in several different formats to understand it fully such as mapping, charting, and tabular.  Interpretive data follows in qualitative, quantitative, and temporal data formats.  Understand what will suit your situation best.  We’d enjoy the opportunity to connect with you.  Contact us directly to discuss your personal situation.

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David WB Parker is a principal of Parker Associates of Jacksonville, Florida, marketing consultants to the real estate industry; President of PTC Computer Solutions, IT Specialist, and an active real estate sales professional with PARFAM REALTY based in Jacksonville, FL.  He can be reached at 904-607-8763 or via email davidp@ptccomputersolutions.com.