LAND QUEST – renamed Florida Land Grab prior to publication
A Novel of New Communities Development in Florida

By David Forster Parker, March 2012

The Ultimate ProtoFlow Review: Unveiling the Truth about This Prostate Supplement

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What is ProtoFlow?

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ProtoFlow Ingredients

Understanding the ingredients of a supplement is crucial for making informed decisions about its potential benefits and risks. Here is a breakdown of the ingredients in ProtoFlow, along with their associated benefits:


Saw Palmetto
: Found in the southeastern US, it contains fatty acids, vitamins, and polyesters that block the enzyme 5-alpha-reductase, which converts testosterone to DHT. By controlling this conversion, it helps manage prostate health and related issues.

Catuaba Bark Extract
: From Brazilian rainforests, it enhances blood circulation to the prostate and contains yohimbine, which can benefit libido and sexual health.

Chinese Ginseng
: Known for energy and immunity boost, it addresses low energy, stress, and lethargy. It also has potential benefits for diabetes and reproductive health in men.

Muira Puama
: An adaptogenic plant that reduces stress, fatigue, and anxiety. It offers antioxidant support and can help with libido, hormonal balance, and sexual disorders


Canadian billionaire builder-developer, Nash Logan, recruits retired Florida urban planner, Dr. Mark Wilkins, to guide him and his Logan Homes team in selecting an ideal site for their proposed innovative new community in Florida.
Wilkins defines a creative fast-track program to introduce Logan and his colleagues to all parts of Florida and its often-uncontrolled land development history, as well as suitable locations for a potential new community. The program is scheduled over two weeks in March 2010, using the Logan Homes’ helicopter and mega-yacht for transport and lodging.
However, Wilkins’ fast-track orientation program does not anticipate the aggressive actions of Florida criminal elements in pursuing an investment share of the new community, a plot that causes the death of one Logan Homes’ employee and threatens the lives of all the team members in adventures that involve both federal and state law enforcement agencies.
Despite serious injuries to both Logan and Wilkins, they succeed in completing the statewide review of new community development as the basis for selecting the best site for Logan Homes’ proposed new community.

About the Author
David Forster Parker has been employed in 17 countries as a homebuilder, new community planner and development executive, teacher, consultant and author of dozens of articles and books, both non-fiction and fiction. All of his writings are based upon his career in urban development and marketing real estate. He was born and raised in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, after which he received B.Sc (HH) and MUP degrees from Michigan State University and a doctoral degree in public administration from the State University of New York at Albany. He lives with his wife Marilynn in Florida and can be contacted at

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