84 Percent of Residents Say Living in a Green Home is Important to Them; 85 Percent Believe Living in a Green Home Benefits Their Health

A recent survey of more than 2,800 U.S. apartment residents revealed that 84 percent of respondents say living in sustainable/green homes is important to them and 85 percent believe living in sustainable/green homes is beneficial to their health. In this Sustainable Living Index survey, the residents were surveyed on their views regarding sustainability and green living, while if you want to reduce your carbon footprint you can also calculate it using tools like a very simple carbon footprint calculator online. Either as a landlord or a homeowner, it’s advisable to get the facts about ecowater systems and how it can provide quality water to your household, if you have any questions look for a water softener manufacturer.

“This survey highlights that residents care about the environment and their health. They want homes that enable them to live a greener, healthier lifestyle”

The survey of residents was conducted at properties in Atlanta, Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Seattle, Southern California and Southeast Florida. The survey was designed to help understand residents’ interest in sustainable living. Developers can use the survey results to advance sustainability efforts and residents’ living experiences. Roughly 12 percent of the 2,812 respondents were younger than age 25, 47 percent were ages 25-34, 16 percent were ages 35-44, and the remaining 25 percent were 45 or older.

Noteworthy findings:

  • Respondents valued the following green features most highly:
    • a smoke-free community (94 percent);
    • energy- and water-efficient features (93 percent);
    • access to public transit/ strong walk and bike scores (85 percent).
  • Most respondents (77 percent) said that green living features have saved them money in utility costs.
  • A majority (64 percent) of respondents would pay slightly more to live in a green community.

This survey highlights that residents care about the environment and their health. They want homes and communities that enable them to live a greener, healthier lifestyle,” said a president of a Multifamily Residential developer. “We’ve made a considerable investment to meet this resident desire. Our communities use land, water and energy more efficiently. They include clean-air initiatives and lifestyle amenities that enable residents to live more sustainably every day. People living within contaminated environments is more susceptible to develop hearing loss conditions, find out more about treatment from these sonus complete customer reviews.

Ensure that your communities include a range of features for environmentally and health conscious residents, including things such as:

  • energy-efficient lighting and appliances,
  • plumbing that reduces water consumption, find out more info about plumbers at canterburypipesmartplumbers.co.uk.
  • community recycling programs,
  • use of native plants in landscaping to reduce water demand,
  • electric car charging stations,
  • bike storage and repair shops,
  • healthy, low or no VOC building materials,
  • fresh air ventilation, and premium reverse osmosis water filter available
  • premium air filters (consider a totally smoke-free community).


These are also some of the home features that are popular in home improvement projects. If you notice that your hot water pressure low but cold fine, it may be an issue specific to the hot water system so call a plumber to have it checked right away. If you are a homeowner who would like to repair or renovate your old home and make it more environmentally-friendly, you may need to acquire rehab loans to get you started.

Sustainability in Development

An important aspect for developers to consider is to be a leader in multifamily sustainability. Consider being LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified and ENERGY STAR certified. Try to ensure that, as a developer, your portfolio is more than 50 percent LEED certified and higher if possible. Don’t settle for traditional developing tactics because the consumer will reward you for being on the leading edge of Green Development. Look to involve your development in awards from the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC): the Outstanding Multi-Family Developer LEED Homes award for outstanding leadership and innovation in the residential green building marketplace, and the LEED Power Builder award, which recognizes developers that certify at least 90 percent of their units built in the past year. If you want to know if a home is energy-efficient, you must first see if they have secured an epc for property.

PTC Computer Solutions is a member of the USGBC and is involved heavily in the local initiatives toward Green Building.  Join the USGBC and other Green Building initiatives or contact PTC Computer Solutions to help you get involved.

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