Online News, Fact or Fiction

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Ramping Up the Fight

The difficult fight to neutralize false online news stories is ramping up. It’s only a matter of time before the regulations on the many social media platforms becomes more stringent. A major goal is to appease advertisers who are souring on certain websites and online platforms where ads sometimes sit side by side with offensive content ranging from health misinformation to outright hoaxes to incitement to violence.


Some online news publishers are betting that human vetting will help in the effort to win back advertisers. The start-up NewsGuard is using journalists to rate sites with a pass-or-fail metric based on transparency and credibility. For a price, brands can use the ratings data to avoid placing ads on dodgy websites.

Red Computer Keyboard with balloons showing Fake News or Facts
Fake News or Facts

The troubles are a gift to Amazon’s rising ad business. The e-commerce site lacks the user-generated posts that worry large advertisers. Its advertising revenue hit $4.6 billion in 2018 … far behind Google and Facebook, but rapidly catching up.


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