J. Chris Parker, Vice President of Parker Associates.
J. Chris Parker, President of Parker Associates.

J. CHRIS PARKER, President

For over 30 years, J. Chris Parker has directed and performed market research and analysis, private and public market studies, consumer surveys, developed market research innovations, as well as marketing support services to developer and builder clients, public agencies, banks and financial institutions, and landowners, throughout the United States, the Caribbean, and Central and South America.

He has authored multiple articles on real estate marketing and research methodologies in professional periodicals and in Real Estate Innovations. He leads the Parker Associates’ team as well as the affiliated Real Estate Marketing Alliance (REMA) and real estate investment and sales activities. Chris is an active licensed real estate sales agent and leads the Northeast Florida Barclay’s Real Estate Group transacting land, REO, commercial and residential real estate in addition to his marketing consulting services.

Chris has held past executive posts for the TPA professional golf tour as well as management positions in resort and conference operations as well as an accounting executive for Arvida Corporation at Sawgrass Resort in Ponte Vedra Beach, FL and for Marriott Hotels.  If you are interested in more information about Chris, please download his resume here.

David W. B. Parker, MBA-IT, is the Chief Technical Officer for Parker Associates and President of PTC Computer Solutions.
David W. B. Parker, MBA-IT - CTO & Market Research Director of Parker Associates & President of PTC Computer Solutions.

DAVID W. B. PARKER, VP, CTO, & Market Research Director

David began his company, PTC Computer Solutions (www.ptccomputersolutions.com) in 1996 providing Technical and Web Services such as IT Project Management, website design and development, e-commerce, online marketing, SEO, IT support services, and more to the Jacksonville, North Florida, national, and international small and medium sized business market. David partners with Parker Associates for technical services and analysis. His ability to manage large and complex financial models and research has proven invaluable in our ability to provide for a great number of our reporting products, most notably the Financial Market Analyses and research rich studies Parker Associates is so highly recommended for.

With degrees in Engineering Sciences, Computer Engineering, and IT Project Management, David’s background is one rich in technology. David also maintains his Real Estate Agent’s license and has many years of experience in the real estate industry.

David has written a number of articles through the years on consumer research methodology, marketing and sales, and many articles on the use of technologies in such publications as Seniors Housing News and Tech Builder among others. Download his resume here.

Jim Doyle - Director of Marketing - President, REDdot Marketing
Jim Doyle - Director of Marketing - President, REDdot Marketing.

JIM DOYLE, Director of Marketing

Jim Doyle has launched several highly successful master planned communities literally from the ground up. Along the way, he has perfected a highly effective strategic planning approach, and developed many award-winning campaigns using traditional and new media from billboard, print, broadcast, and sales center displays to websites, email, pay-per-click and social media.

REDdot specializes in Web-Centric marketing applications for the shelter industry with clients including complex master planned communities, large builders and other real estate oriented entities. www.reddotmarketing.com 

Don Waltz - Senior Associate of Parker Associates.


Parker Associates’ Senior Associate, Don Waltz has been a part of Parker Associates since 1995 and has served as a Senior Associate member since 2006.  Mr. Waltz is a Jacksonville native and graduate of the University of North Florida (BA in History).

During his long tenure with Parker Associates, Mr. Waltz has completed hundreds of feasibility studies, residential market analyses and commercial/mixed-use market evaluations conducted in multiple markets throughout the United States.  In addition to his extensive experience in research and analysis of practically all possible land uses, Mr. Waltz is adept at designing and conducting consumer surveys, focus groups and client workshops.  Don has earned the prestigious professional designations Member of the Institute of Residential Marketing (MIRM) from the National Association of Homebuilders (NAHB) as well as Certified Green Professional (CGP). Prior to Parker Associates, Mr. Waltz served six years in the armed forces including a three-year assignment at the Atlantic Intelligence Command.

Dr. David Forster Parker, President of Parker Associates.
Dr. David Forster Parker, Founder of Parker Associates.


For over five decades, David Parker was responsible for a wide range of management, development and marketing innovations in the real estate industry as corporate executive, planner, teacher, author, and consultant.

His skills have been applied to projects in Europe, the Middle East, Central America and the Caribbean as well as in many parts of the United States and his native Canada. Dr. Parker holds a Masters Degree in Urban Planning from Michigan State University and a Doctoral Degree in Public Administration from the State University of New York at Albany.

He has authored dozens of articles on marketing, planning, budgeting and management and co-authored three books: Marketing New Homes and Selling New Homes (National Association of Home Builders Press, Washington, D. C. 1989), and, in 1999, the second edition of Marketing New Homes, available from the NAHB bookstore in Washington D. C. His first novel, Florida Land Grab, was published in 2013, followed by Beyond the Pyramids as well as The Flagler Legacy, all available directly from the author at www.davidwbparker.com.

Dr. David F. Parker had been instrumental in the formation of The Real Estate Marketing Alliance to provide a team of professionals for the benefit of all real estate development companies in their efforts to work toward successful projects. Find out more about The REMA Team at www.realestatemarketingteam.us.  Read the Parker Associates prospectus by downloading it here.

Dr. David F. Parker passed away in 2017, soon after his 83rd birthday, but has left his legacy AND knowledge for us to carry on.