Parker Associates - Playa Blanca Baru

Parker Associates – Playa Blanca Baru

Communications for real estate marketing programs, as with virtually all other business segments, has been transformed in the digital age. The advent of the Internet has expanded the opportunities for businesses to communicate in a variety of venues well beyond press releases and advertising.

The spectrum of press outlets has expanded from daily newspapers and magazines to a host of web-based news outlets creating greater opportunities. Social media, email marketing and other venues make it possible for companies to play a more active part in shaping their own editorial messages as part of a comprehensive communications strategy.

Parker Associates - Marketing.

Parker Associates – Marketing.

The communications programs prepared by Parker Associates begin with a clearly defined plan and critical path to set milestones and identify opportunities for communicating. A vocabulary is developed to guide the creation of message ensuring clear focus and consistency across all channels.

A complete communications strategy for real estate marketing includes many touch points with target audiences:

  • Well managed public relations with key press contacts
  • Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media platforms
  • Self-hosted Blogs to elevate static websites to interactive forums
  • Email marketing with newsletters and “eblasts”
  • Consistent messages across all advertising and promotions
  • YouTube and other video channels


Learn more about our approach in a real estate communications workshop. Parker Associates can review your current strategy and share insights to help fully maximize the potential for communications. Contact us today.