The Services offered by Parker Associates completely support the development of a project of any type or size.  These are most aptly applied to the Real Estate Development industry, but is not exclusive of any other projects involving products of any type.

Parker Associates offers the following consulting services:

  • Strategic Planning
    Determining and defining the best products and development plan to achieve the highest yield with the most cost-effective marketing program.
  • Market Research
    Defining consumer characteristics and competitive products to reveal optimum products and product mix to position development for highest sales absorption and revenues potential.
  • Financial Feasibility & Analysis
    Computer analysis of revenue and cost estimates to define cash flow, profit and return on investment for development and/or operations.
  • Marketing Management Support
    Continuing management support on selecting, coordinating and directing marketing and sales functions.  Guiding the development through the CONTROL, MARKET, SELL, and MONITOR stages of the widely recognized Parker Associates Development Marketing and Sales Process.
  • Sales Organization & Operations
    Recruiting, organizing and training the most efficient sales team and providing management support for day-to-day operations.
  • Development Management
    Full responsibility for managing property development including administration, planning and design, financial control, construction, marketing and sales.
  • Property Acquisition
    Identification of property to achieve client specifications.
  • Due Diligence
    Detailed analysis of potential property acquisition to determine profitable development yield.
  • Marketing & Sales Audit
    Evaluation of a client’s marketing and sales activities with respect to the Parker Marketing and Sales System to recommend specific improvement for increasing sales and profits.
  • Real Estate Expert Witness/Eminent Domain Property Analysis Services
    Parker Associates principals have participated as Expert Witness components on real estate litigation teams providing Market Demand Opinions and Evaluation and forensic valuation to help in determining damages as well as pinpointing unrealized property potential resulting from invasive or mitigating factors. Please contact us directly for your specific needs.

Please contact us directly for your specific needs.