Southeast Cities Continue to Rank High with Retirees


Retirees, who want to move, face a conundrum…

Live in a slower-paced, budget friendly small or midsize city, but without the need to travel far to get first-class healthcare.



It’s no surprise that a most of the top 10 cities that fit that bill in the United States are located in the southeastern part of the country.  All have at least one hospital that has received five stars – the highest rating from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.  And, all offer relatively low cost-of-living and median home pricing.

Equally attractive is that most are located in states that exempt retirement income from state taxes or have no state taxes.  And, each ranks highly in quality of life factors such as offering a wealth of cultural amenities and plenty of ways to stay in shape and commune with the great outdoors.

The top cities as ranked by retirees are as follows:

  1. Columbia, SC
  2. Johnson City, TN
  3. Mesa, AZ
  4. Lexington, KY
  5. Richland, WA
  6. Williamsburg, VA
  7. Gainesville, FL
  8. Richland, WA
  9. Athens, GA
  10. Venice, FL.


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Don Waltz is a principal of Parker Associates of Jacksonville, Florida, marketing consultants to the real estate industry; Research Specialist, MIRM and a Sales & Marketing professional with Parker Associates based in Jacksonville, FL. He can be reached at 904-992-9888 or via email