Improve Sales Through 3D Printing

Leveraging 3D Printing to Sell New Homes With the continued advancements in 3D Printing, it’s become something to consider when developing a marketing plan to boost your sales.  Traditional media formats are still useful, but consider the new potential in 3D Printing. Costs of 3D Printing continue to decline as well making it an affordable way to display your products and give a vision to your prospects.  Our team at PTC Computer Solutions has looked at various printers and has some ideas for you. Just as a paper printer can recreate a document based on electronic files, a 3D printer can create a to-scale model of a planned property based […]

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The Future of Homebuilding

Five Technologies that will change the future of homebuilding Parker Associates is always looking at the cutting edge of the industry and, in a recent meeting with the developer of the largest developments in Florida, we were asked what the future homebuilder will look like.  Where is the industry going and what will the homebuilder become?  These are excellent questions and, though we can’t say exactly what the homebuilder will look like, we can look at some of the influences that will change the industry. If you’re interested in having something newly built, such as your home or a part of your home, call on Columbus remodeling contractors. Some technologies […]

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