Millennials Aren’t All Millennials

Millennials are a generic term for the generation we consider born from the early 80s through the late 90s. There are various definitions for exacting years of this group, but it’s a large categorizations for such a diverse group. Though they are similar in many ways, they have their differences. However, this Millennial Generation, much like everything else they are doing, is changing our definition of Generation. We can try to generalize them with a variety of psychographics as well as their age, but there are certainly differences between the older and younger Millennials. We can look at them as Leading and Trailing Edge Millennials (even some Pivotals) and see […]

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First Time Homebuyers Finding It Tough

Tightening Mortgages Making It Difficult Kiplinger reports that the first time homebuyers are having more difficulties with getting mortgages. They also report that Investors are giving some push back on stocks that lack key components. But if you already have all you need to invest in your new home look no further than Barrie Real Estate. It is also best to invest on this twtr stock buy or sell here! Why not check out for more info. First Timers A first time home buyer will usually have a tougher time getting a mortgage if they don’t ask mortgage solutions financial about usda loans, fha loans, va loans and all the […]

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