Better Building for Living Green

The term “Green Building” has become ubiquitous in the building industry over the past few years. From simply using eco-friendly materials in construction, to a commercial hvac installation that involves an energy-efficient system. Unfortunately, not all builders and manufacturers are using and or offering Eco-friendly products and features while producing them for which many experts recommend using green modern tools like this CNC burn tables.  This has led to “green washing” leaving many consumers confused and skeptical about green claims. A client of ours, TerraWise Homes, is a true green builder.  They understand that most people are interested in being green and having home solar system installed in their homes.  […]

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Mill-Rent-ials – Single-Family Rentals Outpace Apartment Rentals

Single-Family Rentals Outpace Apartment Rentals According to a recent report by Multifamily Executive, the numbers reflect status of single-family rentals as fastest-growing housing sector from 2007 to 2016. If you’re an aspiring tenant, you can utilize tools like a rent to income ratio calculator in order for you to determine how much rent you can afford so you won’t encounter financial mishaps in the long-run. Single-family rentals have been the fastest growing segment of housing over the past 10 years, outpacing two bedroom apartments. This rise in linear living, caused by the inability to attain homeownership for many of today’s residents after the housing market crash, has been more drastic […]

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How the Self Employed have Solved the Mortgage Finance Challenge

Over the last few decades, the American employment landscape has changed significantly. The traditional idea of working for a single company or corporation for the majority of one’s career has waned and given way to more entrepreneurial models. Therefore, an increasing percentage of Americans now work as sub-contractors, are fully commissioned or self-employed (According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, It is estimated that 15 million Americans were self-employed in 2015). Of course, these buyers look for every possible write-off to reduce their tax burden each year. By doing so, their AGI (adjusted gross income) may not truly reflect their ability to make mortgage payments. These aspiring homebuyers are now […]

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Repositioning and Re-invigorating Sales

Parker Associates is being called upon more and more to re-position communities that began development prior to the housing market collapse, but only completed a few homes before sales stopped. We have also been involved in several communities that have long since had the developer pass the development on to the HOA or POA only to have many lots left unfinished and unsold.  Investment and development companies as well as HOA’s and POA’s are searching for solutions to re-invigorate sales in these communities. Customarily, we are asked to define the optimum level of pricing to jump-start these communities, particularly those with expensive amenities in place or planned and promoted to […]

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Staging for Successful Sales

The National Association of REALTORS profile of home staging took a look at the value that staging a home brings to the selling process.  What they found was that Staging is directly equivalent to Successful Selling. 77 percent of buyers’ agents say that staging makes it easier for buyers to ‘visualize’ the property as their future home.  As most sales people are aware, vision is everything and painting the vision is what they spend most of their time on.  Staging helps this dramatically. Another important aspect that buyers’ agents say is critical is that staging a home increases the dollar value offered.  49 percent of sales agents, in fact, believe […]

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Small is Beautiful…Again

The increasing movement toward smaller homes has gained in popularity throughout the nation.  NAHB’s Consumer Preferences reports a continued interest in smaller homes.  Between 2009 and 2015, the median square footage of a new single-family home grew from 2,135 to 2,467.  But, in 2010, builders indicated they would be building smaller homes moving forward.  We have seen that over the last two years, as the home sizes have gradually decreased to 2,388 square feet.  Consumers in a direct response to the consumer survey indicated price, energy efficiency, home organization and comfort as the key factors influencing a new home purchase decision.  This survey supports our observations that The Great Recession […]

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Rising Interest Rates

Rising interest rates figure to dent the mortgage refinance market in 2018. The Kiplinger Letter reports that refinance activity is already down, now that the average interest rate on a 30-year fixed-rate loan has hit 4.44%. Expect refis to keep declining in popularity as rates keep rising and make refinancing a less attractive option. For the year overall, ReFi’s will make up only 30% of total mortgage originations … the lowest in 18 years. Higher rates could weigh on home buying as more folks decide to stay put because their current mortgage has a lower rate than what they’d pay on a new loan. So it is important to look […]

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5G Smartphones and Education Tech

Eager to pick up a next-generation 5G smartphone? Kiplinger reports that sales start in 2019 for handsets with new radio chips that support faster 5G cellular service. The new phones will still be compatible with 4G, today’s most advanced cell network. The speedier phones will make up a tiny sliver of all phone sales at first, even in leading 5G nations, such as China, Japan, South Korea and the U.S. But in a few years 5G devices will kick-start global phone sales. By 2023, hundreds of millions of the devices will be in the hands of data-hungry consumers. For anything related to software do visit us. One thing’s certain about […]

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Successful Attraction through Market Research

Successful Attraction Selling Begins with Attracting Prospects Through Successful Marketing & Sales Tips for Real Estate Developers & Builders Market Research is ideally the first action undertaken by a developer for a property being considered for development. The purpose is to define target consumers, competition, products, pricing and sales absorption. The process of Market Research consists of the following four sequential steps. The first step is definition of the consumer market in geographical terms (i.e., local census tracts, municipality, county, metropolitan area, state, multi-state region, nation, multiple nations) and definition of consumers by demographic (age, income, wealth, household size, employment) and Psychographic characteristics (behavior, personality, attitudes). Second is geographic definition […]

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First Impressions are Everything

First Impression Tips As we’ve said many times to Parker Associates’ clients, you don’t get a second chance to make a First Impression. While on a “Mystery Shopping” visit to a model home of one of our clients, the Parker Associates staff had some very important First Impressions.  We had the following notes for our client, which amount to some important “First Impression Tips” for any builder: The model presents an appealing front façade – builders are often very good at creating a pleasant approach, but not always. This model, along with other models created by this builder, contains ample living space for potential family purchasers, but the interior decor […]

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