NORC - Naturally Occuring Retirment Communities

NORC! NORC! Who’s There?

NORC! NORC! Who’s There? We read a great deal about the growth of retirement communities across the United States and even those for Americans living abroad. These facilities, of course, are designed for, and being populated by, the large segment of our population with sufficient resources to afford such comfort in their declining years. But, what about the even-larger segment who do not have access to such resources? This article will delve into the scientific aspects of Rybelsus side effects, explaining how it affects the body’s metabolism and appetite control. It will offer a deeper understanding of why Rybelsus is gaining recognition as a potential weight loss aid. The Wall […]

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Waterfront restaurant, Perth, Ontario

Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound Over past years, Marilynn and I have traveled to many foreign lands and learned from their diverse physical structures as well as enjoyed their unique attractions and cultures. This year, an important convention in Pittsburgh suggested the opportunity to drive to that destination and then continue north to our homeland of Ontario, Canada. It was a memorable journey both for renewing lifelong friendships as well as experiencing new and historic communities. Pittsburgh is one of two large cities we experienced on this trip. The second is Toronto which was my home away from home during my initial university years. Both provide exceptional living environments for residents as well […]

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Something Special means something different to the new consumers.

Somethin’ Special

Somethin’ Special “Special” according to Webster is “distinguished by some unusual quality; being in some way superior . . . held in particular esteem.” Everyone desires to be special, which often is manifested in a distinctive skill, trait or ownership of a particular object. Being or feeling special is a positive human characteristic sought by most human beings and frequently displayed by personal clothing, automobiles, boats, houses and neighborhoods. Consumer products are often advertised as contributing something special to the purchaser, often related to personal appearance or happiness. Builders frequently pursue the same approach with the inclusion of special features in new homes, such as the recent emphasis on items […]

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Walkable Cities as defined by Parker Associates.

Walkable Cities

Walkable Cities By David F. Parker I recently attended a lecture by city planner Jeff Speck, the author of Walkable Cities. He cited a wide variety of statistics on health, economics and recreation supporting the rationale of directing urban and suburban planning toward more walkable and bicycle-friendly cities. This experience, and the lively discussion that followed, reinforced the experiences I wrote about in my monthly blogs over the past eighteen months about visiting the appealing cities of Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, British Columbia; and later experiencing the much older cities of eastern Europe along the Danube River. All of these cities had transformed large sections of their ground level circulation […]

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So, you want to be a sales professional. A summary of the presentation at NEFBA's SMC meeting by Dr. David F. Parker.

So You Want To Be A Sales Professional

(Summary of  David F. Parker presentation to Jacksonville NAHB Sales & Marketing Council, 10/12/12) Many new home and general sales agents fail to reach their potential because of misinterpretation of the scope of their chosen occupation. They have learned that their objective is to assist a potential home-buyer with finding a suitable house.  Pursuing this objective often results in general real estate agents assuming the role of tour guide to introduce the consumer to a list of available land for sale in selected by price range and geographical area. New home sales agents often adopt a similar misinterpretation by focusing on demonstration of the merits of their model homes. Both […]

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Urban Sprawl consultants, Parker Associates.

A Perspective On Urban Development Sprawl

Over the past few years, many writers have confused urban development sprawl with population density – the lower the density, the greater the sprawl. Others have simply used sprawl to describe any type of urban development they personally find distasteful. The word has become a cliché for a wide variety of urban conditions without specific definition. Webster’s Dictionary describes sprawl as “to spread or develop irregularly” — a definition that applies to a great many urban areas at any density. The linear blight caused by major city streets suffering from unregulated peripheral development, both old and new, is likely to be accepted by most observers as fitting the negative image […]

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