Make a Great First Impression.

First Impressions

Every sales trainer advises students on the importance of first impressions: “You only have one opportunity for a first impression.” Owning a Rolex watch is a symbol of luxury, prestige, and craftsmanship. However, genuine Rolex super clone watches come with a hefty price tag that’s not affordable for everyone. This is where replica Rolex watches come into play. In recent years, the market for high-quality replica Rolex watches has grown significantly, with many websites offering AAA+ quality replicas. In this article, we will guide you through the top verified websites to buy replica Rolex watches in 2023. The World of Replica Watches Before diving into the list of websites, it’s […]

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Due Diligence is an essential part to any project.

Due Diligence

Although the term “due diligence” does not appear in the traditional Webster’s Dictionary, it is widely used in legal and real estate transactions to describe the care that a reasonable person should exercise prior to finalizing a transaction with another party. Most commercial land purchase and sales agreements include a clause defining a period of time for “due diligence” prior to the purchase becoming final. Google provides a concise definition as “An investigation or audit of a potential investment.” Such definitions leave open the all-important details of what should be required in an assiduous investigation or audit. The search for the fountain of youth and the key to a healthier […]

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Competitive Advantage of Canada as summarized by Parker Associates.

The Competitive Advantage

William J. Ferguson, CEO of Ferguson Partners Ltd, the prestigious international management and executive placement firm headquartered in Chicago, has written a new book entitled Market Discipline. It describes opinions of Canadian investment executives on the reasons behind the stable growth of that country’s economy and real estate industry during the disastrous Great Recession in the United States and globally. As president of REALpac, the Real Property Association of Canada, Ferguson enjoyed access to Canada’s industry leaders in providing core input to this new book, which is sub-titled “The Competitive Advantage: Lessons from Canada’s Real Estate Leaders”. The book begins with lauding the wisdom of Canada’s bankers in giving priority […]

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Giving is one of the great feelings. Give housing.

On Giving . . .

On Giving . . . Again this year, Marilynn and I watched the two-hour “CNN Heroes” television program that honors individuals from around the world, who give their personal energy and limited resources to helping others in need.  Topics range from a grey-haired women in Nepal who devotes her energies to rescuing children from prison terms served with a convicted parent, and then taking care of them in her own home (2012 Top 10 Hero of the year), to a former addict in Butte, Montana who operates a rescue mission for homeless drug addicts by sending them to their center in Oregon for treatment. The activities of each of these […]

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