Barclay’s Real Estate Group Entering the Jacksonville Market

Parker Associates is excited to announce its affiliation with Barclay’s Real Estate Group based in Fort Myers, Florida.  Barclay’s is one of the largest most successful residential and commercial real estate operations in SW Florida operating primarily in the Fort Myers and Naples markets, but active in Sarasota-Bradenton and other major Florida markets. Check here if you are planning to get a commercial property and you want to know how it works and what is a gross lease . While this may seem like a simple and easily understood distinction, the commercial property listing and promotion of that property to investor channels is where the confusion can creep in. If a […]

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2019 Real Estate Trends

What you need to know Last year, 2018, was a year that provided varied results. It started out very strong but tapered off halfway through ending in a bit of a sputter. But, the sales overall were strong with most for sale getting their homes sold. So far in 2019, does it look like it will bring more of the same results? How will the housing market shake out in the current economic climate? Whether you’re selling, buying or staying put, here are the 2019 real estate trends you need to know! Trend #1: Home Prices Are Rising Slowly . . . With Less Offers Unless you’ve been living under […]

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Caribbean Tourism Returns.

. . . Set To Rise Again

The tourist industry in the Caribbean Basin was enjoying record revenues prior to the devastating impact of the American Great Recession in 2008-09. American tourists suddenly stopped traveling, causing critical cutbacks to hospitality providers in many of these countries which relied upon American tourists for a majority of their revenues. Existing resort hotels cut prices to the bone and many new resort developments were abandoned or foreclosed by financial lenders. Now, after five years of gloom and doom, signs of returning economic progress have motivated hoteliers to plan for a resurgence of the tourist industry. During 2012 and the first quarter of 2013, leading American hoteliers have announced plans for […]

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New Year Ahead as anticipated by Parker Associates.

The 2013 Year Ahead

The 2013 Year Ahead News media of all kinds, including “expert” subscription publications, are full of diverse opinions about national and regional economic scenarios in 2013. The gloom merchants are projecting dire global consequences from the United States’ political stalemate that continues even after the strong Obama win in the presidential election.  The happy faces are projecting political compromise, with increasing strength in the stock market and employment growth.  As usual, the vast majority of cautious forecasters are hedging their opinions with “if come” statements prior to projecting economic stability with modest growth throughout the calendar year. Their forecasts are based on historical trends rather than current consumer research. Most […]

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Competitive Advantage of Canada as summarized by Parker Associates.

The Competitive Advantage

William J. Ferguson, CEO of Ferguson Partners Ltd, the prestigious international management and executive placement firm headquartered in Chicago, has written a new book entitled Market Discipline. It describes opinions of Canadian investment executives on the reasons behind the stable growth of that country’s economy and real estate industry during the disastrous Great Recession in the United States and globally. As president of REALpac, the Real Property Association of Canada, Ferguson enjoyed access to Canada’s industry leaders in providing core input to this new book, which is sub-titled “The Competitive Advantage: Lessons from Canada’s Real Estate Leaders”. The book begins with lauding the wisdom of Canada’s bankers in giving priority […]

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Giving is one of the great feelings. Give housing.

On Giving . . .

On Giving . . . Again this year, Marilynn and I watched the two-hour “CNN Heroes” television program that honors individuals from around the world, who give their personal energy and limited resources to helping others in need.  Topics range from a grey-haired women in Nepal who devotes her energies to rescuing children from prison terms served with a convicted parent, and then taking care of them in her own home (2012 Top 10 Hero of the year), to a former addict in Butte, Montana who operates a rescue mission for homeless drug addicts by sending them to their center in Oregon for treatment. The activities of each of these […]

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So, you want to be a sales professional. A summary of the presentation at NEFBA's SMC meeting by Dr. David F. Parker.

So You Want To Be A Sales Professional

(Summary of  David F. Parker presentation to Jacksonville NAHB Sales & Marketing Council, 10/12/12) Many new home and general sales agents fail to reach their potential because of misinterpretation of the scope of their chosen occupation. They have learned that their objective is to assist a potential home-buyer with finding a suitable house.  Pursuing this objective often results in general real estate agents assuming the role of tour guide to introduce the consumer to a list of available land for sale in selected by price range and geographical area. New home sales agents often adopt a similar misinterpretation by focusing on demonstration of the merits of their model homes. Both […]

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The Future Outlook according to Parker Associates.

2012 Outlook

Most national economists are approaching 2012 with caution.  The intransigent Congress and continuing European financial difficulties do not bode well for a surge in economic growth and a reduction in unemployment.  Projections remain at a modest 2 percent growth as in 2011.   On the positive side, new employment growth has been positive over the past four months, and new capital investment is occurring in several sectors. Florida ranked third in the United States for job growth in 2011 with a rate higher than nationwide for the first time in over three years.  With the third highest population growth rate in the nation, Florida now has over 19 million residents, fourth […]

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