Living Green IS Important to Consumers

84 Percent of Residents Say Living in a Green Home is Important to Them; 85 Percent Believe Living in a Green Home Benefits Their Health A recent survey of more than 2,800 U.S. apartment residents revealed that 84 percent of respondents say living in sustainable/green homes is important to them and 85 percent believe living in sustainable/green homes is beneficial to their health. In this Sustainable Living Index survey, the residents were surveyed on their views regarding sustainability and green living. Either as a landlord or a homeowner, it’s advisable to get the facts about ecowater systems and how it can provide quality water to your household, if you have […]

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Top Things Every Subcontractor Wants From a Builder

Retaining Skilled Workers Finding and retaining skilled trade workers is a battle every builder has to fight. Things have only gotten tougher as the shortage of skilled labor continues in many regions throughout the country, but that doesn’t mean all hope is lost. To attract workers from the skilled trades, you need to make sure your company is one that subcontractors actively want to work for. If you’re interested in having something newly built, such as your home or a part of your home, call on Columbus remodeling contractors. To make that happen, here’s what you need to do. Make sure your business is organized Working well with the trades requires […]

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The Marketing & Sales Audit

Many developers and builders operate without looking closely at the Marketing and Sales efforts or who is operating them.  It’s a common mistake, especially in good times when things are selling without too much difficulty.  But, it’s a mistake. Examining Marketing and Sales Activities The Marketing and Sales Audit examines all marketing and sales activities with respect to the four phases of the REMA Marketing and Sales System: CONTROL, MARKET, SELL, and MONITOR (the REMA System diagram is shown here). The examination includes diagnostic analysis of activities resulting in a detailed report on conclusions and recommendations from Salesforce team According to a great internet marketing agency, the primary focus of […]

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Parker Associates has been assisting developers with the management of their Development and Marketing since 1982. Success starts with proper management.

Development Management

Many developments move forward with the thought that they can work through the needed requisites with their current team in place.  However, sometimes these teams don’t have all of the necessary parts to work through the entire development.  In other cases, the team needs a non-biased third party to help move the development forward in the direction necessary without too much conflict among the current team members.  The REMA Team can help. The principals of REMA have been responsible for property management system development management of several large-scale planned communities in addition to serving as strategic advisors to several others in the United States, Europe and Africa. Dr. Parker received […]

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Sustainable Development

Sustainable development is defined as “development that meets the needs and aspirations of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs”. Thus, sustainable development is the organizing principle for sustaining finite resources necessary to provide for the needs of future generations. Parker Associates and PTC Computer Solutions have teamed together with REDdot Marketing to form the Real Estate Marketing Alliance (REMA) providing a full real estate solution for the benefit of our clients.  We are working with more and more developers and builders as well as other clients looking to provide more sustainability in their projects and businesses. Our clients include restaurants looking to […]

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Better Building for Living Green

The term “Green Building” has become ubiquitous in the building industry over the past few years. From simply using eco-friendly materials in construction, to a commercial hvac installation that involves an energy-efficient system. Unfortunately, not all builders and manufacturers are using and or offering Eco-friendly products and features while producing them for which many experts recommend using green modern tools like this CNC burn tables.  This has led to “green washing” leaving many consumers confused and skeptical about green claims. A client of ours, TerraWise Homes, is a true green builder.  They understand that most people are interested in being green and having home solar system installed in their homes.  […]

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The Real Estate Marketing Alliance Sales and Marketing Process Flow.

Integral Marketing Model: The Real Estate Marketing Alliance Solution

Integral Marketing: The REMA Solution Successful real estate marketing consists of four phases that are most commonly executed in sequential order as (1) Market Research, (2) Consumer Attraction, (3) Merchandising and (4) Processing. Each of these phases has matured in recent years to accommodate the advances of digital technology (getting exclusive leads for home service contractors, etc). These advances offer not only greater efficiency for each phase—combining speed with accuracy—but also open opportunities to a more effective solution by iteration amongst components of each phase. Explore how Fast Lean Pro offers premium supplements tailored to your fitness goals. Head to the site to discover how these products could enhance your […]

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